The morning in Severna Mitrovica has broken with new graffiti - "resistance at every step"

Severna Mitrovica
Source: Kosovo Online

In the main street of Severna Mitrovica, as well as on the city promenade, a large number of graffiti appeared this morning where citizens are called to resist.

"From November 21, 2022, it is everyone's responsibility to resist at every step. Brigade North", is written on the graffiti.

Albin Kurti's decision on the vehicle license plates conversion and the announcement that from November 21, all those who kept KM plates, i.e. did not re-register them as RKS, will be fined 150 euros, were criticized on several occasions from Washington and Brussels, as well as representatives of the opposition.

The German Ambassador to Kosovo, Jorn Rohde, stated yesterday in a post on Twitter that it was absurd to risk a violent confrontation over license plates.

"Political will is urgently needed for de-escalation and compromises based on the Brussels agreements. It is absurd to risk a violent confrontation over license plates while Russia is waging a brutal war against Ukraine with already a large number of victims," Rohde.