Kosovo Police on the incident in Ugljare: Unknown individuals shouted in Albanian and shot towards children

Kosovska Policija
Source: Kosovo Online

Last night, unknown individuals fired gunshots in the direction of three children who were walking on the sidewalk at that moment, near the schoolyard of Ugljare Primary School, and this act has been characterized as a criminal offense of causing general danger, the Kosovo Police stated.

The police report that minors M.K. (2008), D.K. (2009), and V.K. (2006) stated that shots were fired at them around 10 p.m. while they were walking through the village of Ugljare.

"When they were right in front of the school, a pickup truck of light color, with license plates that none of the mentioned individuals remembered, approached them from the direction of Kosovo Polje. When the vehicle reached them, one person from the vehicle shouted something in Albanian, but the minors do not understand Albanian and do not know what was said to them. At one point, that person who was shouting something pulled out a gun and fired three shots in their direction. After the shots, the vehicle drove towards the village of Preoce," the Kosovo Police press release stated.

As it is added, police teams on the scene found two casings, which will be used as evidence. The unknown perpetrator is being charged with the criminal offense of "causing general danger."