Lawyer Vasic: Dragisa Milenkovic was detained for one month; we will file an appeal

Dejan Vasić
Source: Kosovo Online

Lawyer Dejan Vasic confirmed for Kosovo Online that Dragisa Milenković from Kisnica near Gracanica had been ordered to be detained for one month and announced that he would file an appeal against that decision.

Vasic explains that they are not informed about who the witnesses are and that they do not know the content of their statements, based on which Milenkovic was accused.

"I think the case of Dragisa Milenkovac is the 15th in a row, in which the suspect was reported on the day he was arrested. All those cases were reported after 20 or more years. We still do not know who the witnesses are, based on whose statement and what is the content of the statement against him. We will forward our arguments to the Court of Appeal," Vasic said.

He added that Milenkovic was charged with the possibility of trying to escape.

"His dual citizenship is listed, which is the absolute nonsense considering that he does not have a passport from either Kosovo or Serbia. In his identity cards, the address of his family home, where his family has been since time immemorial, is listed as his place of residence," Vasic said.

He points out that a great injustice was done to his client.

"With the help of my team, and lawyers, I will do my best to show the special prosecutor's office, the court, and the public as soon as possible that he has nothing to do with the events to which he is associated," Vasic said.

Milenkovic is in the detention center in Podujevo.