Milatovic on the Open Balkan: Montenegro's priority is regional economic cooperation

Milatović polaže zakletvu
Source: Kosovo Online

Jakov Milatovic, the newly elected President of Montenegro, spoke about the Open Balkan initiative and emphasized that Podgorica's priority is regional economic cooperation that takes place within the framework of the Berlin Process, which connects the economies of the Western Balkans and links the region to the EU, as reported by RTCG.

"But in the end, as an economist and politician, I support all other initiatives. The Open Balkan has its advantages, and Montenegro can contribute value to that process as an active participant, provided that it is placed within the focus of our European integration," Milatovic stated.

He also mentioned receiving numerous invitations from leaders of other countries and expressed his intention to visit Belgrade very soon.

"I have received several invitations, and I believe it is important and politically meaningful to visit Belgrade soon, shortly after Brussels. Serbia is our largest economic partner, and I received an invitation when President Aleksandar Vucic attended my inauguration," Milatovic said.