Andric Rakic: Constitutional Court will overturn the petition instructions for the mayors' removal

Milica Andrić Rakić
Source: Kosovo Online

It is expected that the administrative instructions for organizing a petition for the removal of mayors in four municipalities in the north will be overturned by the Constitutional Court of Kosovo because they are unlawful, Milica Andric Rakic from the NGO New Social Initiative tells Kosovo Online.

Minister of Local Government Elbert Krasniqi announced yesterday administrative instructions for new elections in the north, according to which the procedure for organizing a petition to remove Albanian mayors could be carried out most quickly in three months.

"It has been clear from the beginning that a Referendum Law is necessary to issue such administrative instructions as it has been now for the petition to remove mayors. Almost all experts in Kosovo, even before the publication of the administrative instructions, stated that they would be unlawful. There have already been initial announcements from the opposition that they will send these administrative instructions to the Constitutional Court for a constitutionality assessment. These were all very predictable steps, and it is also predictable that the Constitutional Court will most likely overturn these administrative instructions, and they will never come into force," she said.

Andric Rakic says that all of this confirms the intention to delay the holding of early elections in the north.

If there had been a willingness for it, the mayors would have resigned.

"What I believe the Kosovo government tried to achieve by issuing the petition instructions is to secure the lifting of EU sanctions because one of the things the EU demands from Kosovo is the organization of elections in the north. I assume they hoped that this step toward regulating the way the petition for the removal of mayors would be conducted could persuade the EU to change its position. That certainly will not happen; the EU has been very explicit. The Union's spokesperson, as well as some ambassadors of EU member states in Kosovo, have stated that this is not enough, and they expect elections to be held. What they don't get into is how these elections will come about, but they still insist on their organization. So, the instructions were a way to procrastinate, an attempt to put Kosovo in the best possible position regarding the sanctions, but it simply won't work," Andric Rakic concludes.