Azemi: The maneuvers of the Kosovo Government cost us dearly

Visar Azemi
Source: Gazeta Express

LDK MP Visar Azemi said that the current Government had to bear responsibility, because, as he said, unilateral moves had led Kosovo to sanctions.

He stated on Facebook that the Government, even after the uncoordinated actions, continued with the demands, even though EU measures burdened Kosovo.

"The maneuvers of the Government of Kosovo have proved costly for Kosovo. The EU measures continue to burden the state, while the executive authority continues to demand their removal after it began implementing uncoordinated actions. Even now, alongside the delayed withdrawal, the Kosovo Government is immaturely imposing ' conditions'. Funny set," Azemi added.

He pointed out that the Government had to be held accountable because Kosovo was under the burden of sanctions.

"The Government must be held accountable for bringing the country to a dangerous crossroads with unilateral action. Although there was no benefit from this behavior, today they reached the point we were talking about. Besides, today we also have the burden of sanctions," Azemi concluded.