Berisha: Kurti is turning citizens against the USA and the West, turning the case of Kosovo into a Palestinian model

Former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Anton Berisha accused the Prime Minister Albin Kurti of inciting polarization within society and opposing the citizens against the USA and the West.

"This dangerous behavior of Albin Kurti aims at creating a new political reality, ultimately anti-democratic and anti-Western, and consciously endangering the achievements so far and turning the case of Kosovo into a Palestinian model, a model directed by Russia," Berisha said on Facebook.

He also said that Kurti, like never before in Kosovo, managed to bring out the worst in individuals and society.

"There has never been such polarization and extreme stratification within the Albanian people at this level. Albin Kurti continued with his intolerance towards the Serbian community, bringing the situation and their relationship with the state of Kosovo to an even lower level than in the period of the declaration of independence. Albin Kurti awakened the Ottoman-communist sentiment in the population and turned them against America and the West in general like no one before," Berisha believes.