Berisha: We are ready, in case of war with Serbia we will also fight for Nis, Kursumlija, Raska and Sandzak

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The representative of the Democratic Party of Kosovo Hisen Berisha said that Kosovo is ready for war if its integrity and sovereignty are violated, and that in the event of a conflict with Serbia, they will also fight for Nis, Kursumlija, Raska and Sandzak, Reporteri reports.

He wrote this on Facebook, commenting on the statement of the EU's special envoy for dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, Miroslav Lajcak, after the meeting with the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, that only normalization or confrontation is possible in the north of Kosovo.

"Mr. Lajcak, do not blackmail! Mr. Lajcak, Kosovo is ready for war, if the country's freedom, integrity and sovereignty are violated. But you should know that this will not be the only conflict! I remind you and the supporters of Serbia that in the event of a war with Serbia there will be battles for Nis and Kursumlija, the land of my ancestors, Raska and Sandzak," said Berisha.

He warned that Kosovo has about 70,000 soldiers with war experience who will defend sovereignty.

"We will not allow ourselves to lose our sovereignty through agreements sponsored by diplomats, such as you, Mr. Lajcak! Therefore, Mr. Lajcak, do not blackmail," said Berisha.

Kosovo, he adds, has entered the political process of gaining independence, within the borders that, he says, are recognized by the US and over a hundred countries, including the most powerful in the world.

According to his words, Kosovo's right to independence was legally confirmed by the International Court of Justice.

"Both the EU and you as mediators are here to facilitate dialogue, not to degrade independence, blackmailing us with a conflict with Serbia, in the north of the country. Kosovo and its people do not like war, but we are ready to make sacrifices for it, believing in the guarantee of our main ally in war and peace, the United States of America," Berisha pointed out.

Today, after the meeting with Kurti, the EU envoy emphasized that he would also visit the north of Kosovo in order to understand and see "the situation there", hoping that "there will be a political solution with a focus on normalization and agreement".

"We can have either normalization or conflict. Of course we want to focus entirely on normalization, that's why we want to avoid any escalation, that's not in anyone's interest," Lajcak said.