Drecun: By banning the import of goods and medicines, Pristina authorities endanger the life of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija

Milovan Drecun
Source: Kosovo Online

Milovan Drecun, the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Kosovo and Metohija, speaking about the relationship between Belgrade and Pristina, warned that tensions in Kosovo would continue even when the Brussels administration returned from its annual vacation, Pink reports.

He stated that the authorities in Pristina endangered the lives of Serbs in Kosovo by banning the import of goods and medicine from Serbia.

"We see indications that a very serious situation is being prepared, which could lead to a response from the Serbian people to fight for their right to survival. When someone tries to obstruct the supply of food, medicine, and financial transactions, it seriously endangers the lives and survival of these people in Kosovo and Metohija," Drecun said in an interview with Pink.

According to him, the Serbian people will eventually have to rebel against the conditions in which they live.

"Serbs are living under very restrictive conditions, their basic human rights are denied, freedom of movement is restricted, they are prevented from working freely, and they are unable to practice their culture, religion, language, and loyalty to their state, Serbia, because the false state of Kosovo does not exist for them," Drecun stated.

He emphasized that Serbs were subjected to daily torture and accusations without any evidence.

"All of this makes it seem like they are in some kind of camp," Drecun concluded.

According to him, when someone is prevented from living normally, they start considering changing their environment.

"This fear is precisely the most crucial mechanism for completing ethnic cleansing," Drecun pointed out.