Drecun: Serbs will not return to institutions without the CSM establishment

Milovan Drecun
Source: printskrin

KM (Kosovo and Metohija) license plates will remain in use and registration will be extended, but no new ones will be issued. It is a temporary solution because the license plates issue is not solved, and the issue of the Community of Serb-majority Municipalities (CSM) remains as well. Without the establishment of the CSM, the Serbs will not return to the institutions, the President of the Parliamentary Committee for Kosovo and Metohija Milovan Drecun said, as reported by RTS.

"Borrell said that we should return to normalizing the relations, which is obviously understood differently in the world centers. It seems that Pristina, in agreement with some countries, deliberately created a problem with the license plates in order to force us to talk about that topic. It is not a problem to talk, but the initial basis for discussing the recognition of the fake state of Kosovo is initially wrong and will not be accepted by us," Drecun stated.

The President of the Parliamentary Committee for Kosovo and Metohija says that we need to see actions, not just words when it comes to the Community of Serb-majority Municipalities formation.

"Germany obviously has its own proposal and view of what it should look like. The difference is in the jurisdiction that the CSM should have. We will not agree that the CSM has no importance, as Pristina wants," Drecun says.

According to him, this crisis must be stopped from further escalation because we already have the accumulation of Pristina police forces in the north of Kosovo.

"Our side would have to insist on the withdrawal of all special parapolice forces from the north of Kosovo. They should not be there without the approval of the KFOR commander and the president of the four municipalities from the north. All this creates a dangerous environment for the Serbian people," Drecun said.

Commenting on the role of the US in reaching an agreement on the license plates, Drecun said that the influence of the US had always been decisive when it came to Kosovo. He believes that the German position is the bigger problem.

"The US has a more flexible position and is more rational politically, but that does not mean they will give up on Kosovo's independence. Our proposal sent to Brussels clearly states that we will not accept the fake state of Kosovo and that we will not allow it to be admitted to the UN and other international organizations. It remains to be seen what steps Borrell will take. He announced new meetings with the delegations of Belgrade and Pristina. If Kurti continues to insist on talks on Kosovo's independence recognition, it will lead to further escalation and tensions," Drecun noted.

Speaking about yesterday's gatherings of the Serbian people in Kosovo, Drecun said that they sent a clear message that they would resist further terror from Pristina.

"Protests have great political weight, and neither Pristina nor the international community can ignore them. It cannot be ignored that there is one nation completely disenfranchised and oppressed by Pristina," Drecun underlined.