Grenell: Strengthening relations between Serbia and the USA should be a priority

Ričard Grenel
Source: Kosovo Online

The former United States Envoy for Dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, Richard Grenell, said that continuing to strengthen relations between Serbia and the USA should be a priority.

During the Day of America, which was held in Belgrade on Thursday, Grenell received an award for the development and improvement of relations between the USA and Serbia, and in a video message he recorded on the occasion, he expressed his gratitude for the recognition that had been given to him, while regretting that he could not be in Belgrade and receive the award in person.

"It is a great honor for me to receive the award. The Day of America is a very important event. There is no doubt that I am very committed to Serbia and the USA developing their relations. As I constantly repeat to the leaders in Serbia to reject Chinese and Russian ideas and to develop relations with the USA; that is the goal. The Serbs and the Americans are connected, relations between Serbia and the USA should continue to be a priority and develop," Grenell said in a recorded video message.

Grenell added that he would soon visit Serbia and tour the entire Western Balkans.