Haradinaj: Kurti is destroying the economy of Kosovo

Ramuš Haradinaj
Source: Ekonomia Online

The president of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, criticized Prime Minister Albin Kurti, saying that his actions were destroying the economy, Reporteri reports.

"All actions are against the economic logic in the country and as a result, the few young people we have are leaving. It is wrong, harmful, and unconstitutional and causes consequences," Haradinaj says.

Haradinaj says that the fact that Kurti did not replace the Kosovo ambassador to Croatia, Martin Berishaj, shows the corrupt phenomenon of Kurti's government.

"The case of Ambassador Martin Berishaj's scandal will not pass without international damage," Haradinaj says.

On the other hand, he says that the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo and the opposition as a whole has shown themselves to be more serious than the government in matters of national interest.

"We do a realistically better job than the government, we are more serious than the government in these topics of national interest, we do not work for electoral or voting interests, and we correctly assess the situation. The opposition does its work smarter and more seriously than the government because the government is really an irresponsible player," he added.