Hill: Serbia is doing good things for Ukraine

Beograd_240229_Kristofer Hil
Source: Kosovo Online

Ambassador Christopher Hill, the US Ambassador to Serbia, stated that it was important to look at the fact that Serbia was doing good things for Ukraine, although some things were talked about while others were not, RTV reports.

Hill made these remarks at the Kopaonik Business Forum, discussing Serbia's alignment of foreign policy with the EU.

"If you look at the fact that the Serbian president (Aleksandar Vucic) has met with the Ukrainian president (Volodymyr Zelenskyy) four times in 10 months, these are meaningful meetings. The fact that the Serbian Chamber of Commerce has taken steps to invite the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine to discuss and sign a Memorandum on bilateral reconstruction with Ukraine, these are important steps," Hill said.

The Ambassador emphasized that people should bear in mind that Serbia was trying to do some things in its own way, perhaps sometimes even better than others.

He stressed the importance of Serbia taking the lead in the Open Balkan Initiative, which involved the concept of regional integration with established cooperation mechanisms similar to those in the EU. He added that these cooperation patterns persisted and prevented problems arising outside the EU from entering the EU.

According to his words, Serbia is actually proposing regional integration.

He recalled that there had been a time when enlargement had been closed, but it was not at this moment, and Serbia was on the path where it belonged.

"Serbia is coming to the EU with its own personality, and that personality of Serbia includes relationships with various desires that Western European countries have not had. This means that Serbia can bring something different to the table. At the same time, when we talk about any club, that club must ensure that new members bring values and support the values and interests of the club," Hill said.

According to him, it is fair to hold discussions and to delve deeper into some of the questions suggesting a different player at the table as Serbia can be.