Ilic: North Macedonia has aligned its foreign policy with the NATO agenda; no shift in regional policy should be expected

Dušan Ilić
Source: Kosovo Online

Dusan Ilic from the Institute for European Studies believes that the foreign policy course of North Macedonia, following the formation of the new government led by Hristijan Mickoski, will not change regarding decisions about the region and that the country has aligned its foreign policy with the NATO agenda.

"It is hard to expect a shift in North Macedonia's policy towards the region, considering that the country is a NATO member and is applying for EU membership. North Macedonia has aligned its foreign policy with the NATO agenda on all issues, including regional ones, so it is difficult to expect the new Government of North Macedonia to take any steps that would disrupt the existing foreign policy course," Ilic said for Kosovo Online.

He also says that the topic of Belgrade and Pristina will continue to be on the agenda of the Government of North Macedonia.

According to him, this is a kind of "fulfillment of the Greater Albanian agenda, which all political actors representing the Albanian people in North Macedonia are coordinating together with Pristina and Tirana."

"It should be noted that the new partner of VMRO is a party that is practically Kurti's, and we can freely say that Kurti is now a coalition partner of the new majority in the North Macedonian Parliament," he added.

He points out that such a policy regarding the Kosovo issue will affect the relations between Belgrade and Skopje in some way, but he emphasizes that he does not expect any radical shift in that regard.

"North Macedonia has always voted against Belgrade and always voted for Pristina or Tirana in international organizations whenever it could, supporting the Greater Albanian initiatives, so I think that will not change in the future, and Kurti's party as part of the wider 'Vredi' coalition, which is now part of the Government in Skopje, will certainly be a controlling factor to ensure that the foreign policy course does not change radically," Ilic said.

The new government of Prime Minister Hristijan Mickoski was elected last night with 77 votes "for" and 22 "against."

The MPs of the European Front, led by DUI, left the session before the voting.

Mickoski is the 13th Prime Minister, and this is the 20th government since the independence of North Macedonia.

The government will have 23 ministers, five of whom will also hold the position of vice president.