Jevtic: We ask that the background of the "arrest list" of Serbs from Strpce be investigated

Dalibor Jevtić KO
Source: Kosovo Online

Members of the Municipal Committee for Community Safety of the Municipality of Strpce adopted a request that they will submit to the Prosecutor's Office and the Kosovo Police to investigate the background of the alleged "arrest list" of Serbs from that municipality.

At the session of that Committee, the mayor of Strpce, Dalibor Jevtic, informed the members about the existence of an alleged "arrest list" of the citizens of Strpce.

Jevtic, who is also the Chairman of the Committee, reported that several concerned citizens contacted the management of the municipality, as well as him, with a question about the alleged "arrest list" circulating on social networks.

He pointed out that the existence of such a list disturbed him and other residents of Strpce.

"In order not to deal with what might have been someone's goal, based on the 'tell-tale' way of bringing in certain information, we want the institutions to do their part and give us answers to the questions we will ask," said Jevtic.
He pointed out that, as the mayor of the municipality, he is very worried because of everything that has been happening in the territory of Strpce lately.

He pointed out that it is the responsibility of the authorities in the municipality, not only in this case, to meet the demands of the citizens to act on this issue, but as a municipality, to prevent the actions of individuals or groups whose goal is contrary to the interests of the municipality through institutional action.

"And the interest of the municipality of Strpce is stability, peace and the free life of every individual", said Jevtic, and read the request that the members of the Committee unanimously adopted.

"The Municipal Committee for Community Safety, at today's session, and due to the great concern of citizens regarding the appearance of an 'arrest list' with the names of the citizens of Strpce, requests the competent institutions, the prosecution and the police to launch an official investigation into this event," reads the request.

In addition, citizens are invited to fully cooperate with the competent authorities, and provide all information on how and by which persons the list reached the citizens of the municipality of Strpce.

Also, for the sake of truth, justice and the law, it is necessary to prevent any action by individuals or groups, who for political reasons spread disinformation that leads to citizens' anxiety, through institutional action, the request states.

"The Municipal Committee for Community Safety invites the competent institutions to inform the President of the Committee about the results of the investigation, who will then inform the members," the request adds.

One of the topics of today's session was the security situation in Strpce, and the report was submitted by Police Station Commander Dragan Stevanovic, who said that the current situation is stable, that the crime rate is at the level of last year, and that the number of cases of domestic violence has increased.