Lucic: Neither will they terminate our signal, nor does Telekom Srbija plan to terminate it voluntarily in Kosovo

Vladimir Lučić generalni direktor Telekom Srbija
Source: Kosovo Online

The signal of Telekom Srbija would not be terminated in the territory of Kosovo, nor did Telekom plan to cancel it voluntarily, the director of that company, Vladimir Lucic, said in an interview with Euronews Serbia, after the Pristina authorities terminated the Mts D.O.O. registration certificate.

The reason given for the revocation of the certificate - "an omission in the documentation", that is, that the passport of one of the responsible persons did not comply with the regulations of the Pristina authorities, Lucic called "a big absurdity" and said that Mts D.O.O.  now had two legal remedies available.

"The first is to file a complaint within 30 days to the institution that canceled our registration, and the second legal remedy is to ask the court in Pristina for a temporary measure of suspension pending a court case," Lucic said and added that Telekom Srbija relied on the help of the international community in solving that problem.

He underlined that the international community was now under examination and that he expected the same reaction from them as in the case of Klan Kosova television.

"It is a multifaceted absurdity that would seriously threaten the Brussels Agreement, which would then actually not exist, but much more important than anything, it would completely cut off a population from the possibility of having good communication with the rest of Serbia, access to televisions and a good Internet. The entire Serbian population from 30,000 households would be cut off from telecommunications and that would have disastrous messages," Lucic says.

He adds that it would also be a disastrous message to all the Serbs that they are not welcome.

"Shutting down the Mts would have irreparable consequences for the survival of the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija. I hope that the international community will react and that their pressure will be an important factor in our appeal being accepted," Lucic says.

Telekom Srbija informed Brussels, as well as all foreign embassies in Belgrade and Pristina, about the violation of the Brussels Agreement.

Lucic says that another important reason why the campaign against Telekom was launched is that Kurti's administration has been putting a lot of pressure on that company in the last year.

"We have informed about this several times, first of all, the US embassy in Pristina, and it is also known that two and a half months ago they tried to shut down Klan Kosova television, the largest opposition media, under the same reason because they found that in the registration sheet it was written 'Pec, Republic of Serbia'". Then the international community rose up, and they had demonstrations, so in order to divert the pressure from that case, they said that they had re-examined all the registers and in a new wave had informed 15 companies that they were shutting them down, including us," the CEO of Telekom Srbija said.