Mojsilovic: We demand that KFOR take immediate measures to protect the Serbs

General Mojsilović
Source: Kosovo Online

The Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Army, General Milan Mojsilovic, addressed the public today regarding the situation in Kosovo.

At the beginning of his address, Mojsilovic said that he wanted to inform the public that the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija were exposed to a terrible pogrom by the Pristina regime of Albin Kurti.

"The Serbs are daily targets of Albin Kurti. Their only fault is that they have Serbian names and surnames, and probably that they do not want to leave their hearth. The terror carried out by Kurti's regime cannot even be physically endured anymore. According to all the facts I informed the commander of KFOR that we are watching the events with great anxiety and demand that urgent measures be taken to protect the Serbs and their right to survival," General Mojsilovic said.

As he said, this was a request to KFOR units and the entire KFOR and other international security institutions in Kosovo and Metohija.

"The Serbian Army fulfills all its international legal obligations arising from Resolution 1244, the Military-technical agreement, and all temporary procedures for the regime of work along the administrative line. But today it is clear that the international community is not fulfilling its obligations. The Serbian Army in accordance with the Constitution of Serbia and the UN Charter if receives an order from the Supreme Commander, will complete all its tasks in relation to the overall security crisis. Long live Serbia," General Mojsilovic concluded his address.