Pavicevic: "Serbs hunting season" was opened in Kosovo; anyone can be arrested

Dejan Pavićević
Source: Gračanica Info

Liaison officer between Belgrade and Pristina, Dejan Pavicevic, pointed out that considering the last 10 years, now was the most difficult period, primarily for the Serbs in Kosovo, and then also for Serbia, adding that the "Serbs hunting season" was opened in Kosovo and that anyone could be arrested only because he had a Serbian first and last name, RTS reports.

Pavicevic told Tanjug that it was extremely difficult to visit the arrested Serbs in Kosovo and added that so far he had managed to make only one visit after a "long, long time" and to visit six detained persons in the prison near Podujevo and in Gnjilan.

"After that, I asked to repeat it, to visit some others who, unfortunately, were arrested after that, but there is no answer. There is absolute silence from the other side. This is an act of ignoring that I interpret as an inhuman act, but after everything I have seen, I think it's the least inhuman that's happening," Pavicevic said.

He stated that in regular communication with the family of the arrested Nenad Orlovic, whose father-in-law was, the day before yesterday, because of everything that happened, had suffered a heart attack.

"Nobody can tell me that it has nothing to do with each other and that it is not caused by that stress. Of course it is. And now imagine how it is for those people with small children, when they see all those videos, when they have to face the fact that he was taken somewhere. I'm not going to say arrested. Kidnapped, abducted, mistreated. In the end, they put a bag on the man's head and took pictures of him. It seems that the Serbs in Pristina today are treated like a circus attraction, that's how far it goes. These are terrible things," Pavicevic pointed out.

He says that it was difficult for him to make a report on everything he saw, but that it was even more difficult to talk to those people.

"These are people who were mistreated, whom the Kosovo Police treated in the worst possible way during their arrest. When we talk about Milun Milenkovic Lune, he is the man who suffered the worst and the man for whom I responsibly claim that there was an attempted murder against him. They were beating him to such an extent that they only stopped when, as he says, the inspectors from Pristina came," Pavicevic said.