On the school "Saint Sava" in Klokot, graffiti "KLA" was written

Grafiti OVK
Source: Facebook Kosovo i Metohija

On the wall of the Elementary School "Saint Sava" in Klokot this morning graffiti "KLA" appeared.

They were noticed by assistant worker and security guard Zarko Tomic, who told Kosovo Online that he had seen the "KLA" graffiti, as well as an insulting message to Serbia, early this morning when he had come to work and scrolled around on the school.

Tomic removed the graffiti so that the children would not be disturbed and scared.

More than 70 students from Klokot, from preschool age to 8th grade, attend "Saint Sava" elementary school.

For now, it is unknown who wrote the graffiti.

In the past few months, "KLA" graffiti was also written in other Serbian areas in Kosovo, in Suvo Do, Orahovac, and North Mitrovica... which caused distress to the Serbs.