Serb List: Kosovo institutions to stop persecuting Serbs

Srpska Lista
Source: Kosovo Online

Today’s arrest in Kosovska Mitrovica of Zivorad N., a displaced person from the municipality of Vucitrn, is a continuation of the pressure on the Serbian people in Kosovo according to the established practice that for accusations of war crimes you only need to be a Serb who was of age in 1999, the Serb List points out.

"Such unfounded persecution of honest and honorable Serbs leads to further escalation of the situation on the ground instead of the situation calming down and moving in a positive direction. As if it was not enough that Zivorad was expelled from his doorstep in Vucitrn, but someone was bothered by the fact that he decidedly stayed in Kosovo and Metohija, on their own land," the statement added.

The Serb List points out that it is a shame that in the presence of the most expensive European mission for the rule of law, EULEX, so many Serbs are accused of war crimes without any material evidence, without a single eyewitness, and what is worst, with mandatory detention only because of their Serbian nationality.

"What are EULEX representatives afraid of, so they have never publicly disclosed information about the trials against Serbs who were accused of war crimes and spent as innocent years in detention. Do you know that the largest number of these people leave Kosovo and Metohija after their release because they do not want to provoke fate and they are once again going through the hell of Kosovo's casemates? If nothing else, this would be reason enough for the European institutions to launch analyses of EULEX's work on the ground, and not to read the rosy reports of their bureaucrats from Pristina," the statement added.

The Serb List demands that the Kosovo institutions stop persecuting the Serbs, that Zivorad and all the others be released as soon as possible and that they be given the right to defend themselves from freedom, and not to turn custody into prison sentences lasting several years.