Simic: Thanks to the unity of the Serbian people, we managed to save the license plates

Igor Simić
Source: Kosovo Online

The vice-president of the Serb List, Igor Simic, pointed out that thanks to the unity and determination of the Serbian people and the determination of the negotiating team, success was achieved and that the KM plates were preserved exactly as the political representatives from Kosovo and Metohija, on behalf of the Serbian people, demanded at the meeting held on November 5 in Zvecan ,RTV reports.

In an interview with Tanjug, Simic reminded that at that time they most directly demanded to cancel the decisions preventing the use of KM plates and said that with this agreement that was done.

"What lies ahead of us is the fulfillment of the second requirement, which is the formation of the Community of Serb-majority Municipalities as agreed in Brussels," he said.

As he says, the state leadership and the negotiating team of Belgrade had to solve the problem created by some who, as he states, represented the interests of the Serbian people in 2011 when they reached agreements to abolish KM plates.

"Today we are witnessing that last night's agreement legalizes KM plates even according to the Kosovo system in the north of the province, and the most important thing for our citizens is that with this agreement we managed to preserve peace, but also to preserve more than 7,000 vehicles that have KM plates," Simic said.

According to his words, everyone who owns vehicles with KM plates will be able to continue with the registration of those vehicles normally, to enter the territory of Kosovo and there will be no punishment or confiscation of those vehicles.

Simic notes that there will not even be the issuance of "papers", which until now caused huge crowds at the administrative crossings of Jarinje and Brnjak.

He pointed out that the agreement preserved peace and got what the mothers asked for from the international community yesterday at the meetings in Mitrovica, Strpce, the Kosovo Pomoravlje District.

As he says, the international community was responsible and exerted additional pressure on Pristina to accept what they persistently refused until now.

"The first condition has been fulfilled, the KM plates remain, they can be extended as it was until now, and our second request, that is, the second obligation that Pristina has not fulfilled for ten years, is the formation of the Community of Serb-majority Municipalities. Without the formation of the Community of Serb-majority Municipalities, there is no return to the institutions ", Simic emphasized.

As he says, Serbs in Kosovo are interested in peace and respect for international public law, i.e. everything that Pristina has committed to.

When it comes to the elections scheduled for December 18, Simic says that they are not in the focus of their thinking, but expect the second request to be fulfilled - the formation of the CSM. He reminds that the Serb List has already expressed its position on the issue and said that they pointed out that there were no conditions for participating in those elections. He adds that the Serbian people who vote more than 90 percent for the Serb List will certainly not participate in those elections because there are no grounds for holding them.

He says that Serbs in Kosovo only trust their country and President Aleksandar Vucic and that Belgrade's negotiating team will succeed in fighting for the best possible solution under the given circumstances for the Serbian people.

"Everything that has been signed must be implemented. Why to agree on something else, step by step, let them all fulfill what they committed to and as agreed in Brussels in 2013 and 2015," Simic reiterated.