Spahiu: CoE report is a guide for democracy development; issues cannot be sorted out with special units

Nedzmedin Spahiu
Source: Kosovo Online

University professor Nexhmedin Spahiu, commenting on the Council of Europe legal experts' report on the alignment of Kosovo's legal system with CoE standards, said for Kosovo Online that the report served as a guide for developing democracy in Kosovo.

Among other recommendations, the report advises Kosovo authorities to refrain from using special police forces in northern Kosovo for regular policing tasks, to fully respect the independence of the judiciary, to continue efforts in combating corruption and organized crime, to promptly implement the Constitutional Court's judgment on the Visoki Decani Monastery case, and to abandon opposition to the establishment of the Community of Serb-majority Municipalities.

"Issues cannot be sorted out solely with special units; instead, efforts must be directed towards societal development, integrating ethnic minorities into Kosovo society, and the development of democracy, not just ensuring peace and security with the help of special units. It cannot be done like that in the long run," Spahiu said.

Regarding whether there will be any changes on the ground following the CoE legal experts' report, Spahiu is not optimistic, as he believes many individuals in leadership positions lack sufficient knowledge.

"I believe there will be some changes, but progress for our society is very difficult because individuals in institutional leadership positions lack knowledge and experience. Our education system does not produce adequate personnel for these roles, as evidenced by the results of the PISA test, where Kosovo ranks fourth from the bottom. It's a very unfortunate situation. That's why positive developments in Kosovo are progressing very slowly," Spahiu said.