Spahiu: With a new "defense concept," Maqedonci indicates Kosovo is also preparing for war; the model is unsustainable without Serbs

Nedžmedin Spahiu
Source: Kosovo Online

University professor Nexhmedin Spahiu assesses that behind Ejup Maqedonci's statement on the "comprehensive defense concept" lies a message that Kosovo is also gearing up for war, and the parties' deviation from implementing agreements increases the risk of such a scenario.

"I don't know how that concept is envisioned, but the situation is not the best. The agreement reached between President Vucic and Prime Minister Kurti is not being implemented. Moreover, we have other incentives such as the situation regarding the dinar... Instead of the parties getting closer to implementing the agreed-upon agreement, they are moving away, and if it is not realized, the danger of war is very high," Spahiu emphasized.

He says that this should concern all parties involved in reaching an agreement.

Commenting on Ejup Maqedonci's announcement of the preparation of the "comprehensive defense concept," Spahiu admits that he doesn't know what that would mean in practice, but he has no doubt that the defense minister wanted to send a clear message that Kosovo is also preparing for war.

"I don't understand military issues, and I don't know what that actually means, but I think Maqedonci wanted to convey that Kosovo is also preparing for war if Serbia attacks us. I think that's the essence of that declaration. What it will actually mean, I don't know," he stated.

When asked to comment on how the Serbian community would be involved in that concept, which should involve all citizens, Spahiu says that the best indicator is the experience of the former Yugoslavia and the Yugoslav People's Army.

"I don't know how he envisioned that. No country can defend itself or be monolithic if all its citizens do not feel equal, do not love the country equally, and do not behave the same towards it. The case of the former Yugoslavia showed that. It had one of the strongest armies in Europe but fell apart because some citizens in that country were not satisfied with it. A large and powerful army is useless if its citizens do not love that state," Spahiu concluded.