Milicevic: The concept of "total defense" resembles the model of the former Yugoslavia

Miodrag Milićević
Source: Kosovo Online

Serbs in northern Kosovo are not familiar with the concept of "comprehensive protection" announced by Kosovo Defense Minister Ejup Maqedonci, Miodrag Milicevic from the NGO Aktiv from North Mitrovica says, questioning its purpose and target, given the strong NATO presence in Kosovo.

"It resembles the models we had the chance to see in the former Yugoslavia, such as Territorial Defense, Civil Protection... But the question is what purpose it serves and what it is intended for when we have a strong NATO presence, namely KFOR, and we also have the Kosovo army," Milicevic says for Kosovo Online.

He adds that it is difficult to comment on the role of citizens in defense "against whatever" based on just one statement.

"It is difficult to comment based on just one statement about what it's about and what concept will be applied to establish such a platform and overall body that will not be solely military but will involve the engagement of civilian forces, ordinary citizens in potential defense against 'whatever'," Milicevic concluded.