Vucevic: Unfathomable consequences if Kurti sends Albanian police officers to the north of Kosovo

Miloš Vučević
Source: Večernje novosti/N.Karlić

Serbian Defense Minister Milos Vucevic said that ensuring peace in Kosovo is "KFOR's obligation and it is up to their judgment how much manpower and weapons are needed for that," reports N1.

"We rely on KFOR as a factor obliged to protect and guarantee the safety of all citizens in the province. Especially now, after the withdrawal of the Serbs from the institutions in the province, it should not allow (Albin) Kurti to send police officers of Albanian nationality from the south to replace the Serbian police officers. This would be a path with unforeseeable consequences," Vucevic told for Vecernje Novosti.

Vucevic says that Serbia does not want wars.

"We do not want other nations to suffer either, but our calls for talks, for dialogue, do not mean that we are weak or unprepared, indecisive. We just think that it is better to have dialogue and talk, to sit at the table instead of being in the trenches." Vucevic said.

Vucevic answered affirmatively the question of whether the idea of ​​returning mandatory military service is being finalized, reports Beta.

"I expect that we will move towards a final decision. It is primarily a political decision, which must be correlated with a serious professional analysis. I have no problem saying that as a citizen and a father, I am in favor of returning military service, but this is not relevant, the Minister of Defense cannot be guided by that," Vucevic said, stating that the army had done an analysis and that it would be discussed with the President and the PM.