Vucic: The letter is formally addressed against me, but essentially against Serbia

Obraćanje predsednika Srbije Aleksandra Vučića i premijerke Ane Brnabić
Source: Kosovo Online

The letter of 56 parliamentarians to the European Union, USA, and Great Britain was only formally addressed against me, and essentially against Serbia, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic pointed out today.

"I saw that some 56 parliamentarians signed a letter in which I was attacked 'ad hominem', 'ad personem'. I am guilty of helping the people of Republika Srpska. I am making moves like a puppeteer. God knows what I am doing with the Serbs in Montenegro; first of all, I'm causing problems in Kosovo and Metohija because I don't recognize its independence," Vucic emphasized.

The President, in a joint address to the media with Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, answering the journalists' questions, underlined that since some media claimed that the letter was against him, it was only formally addressed against him, and essentially against Serbia.

"In that letter, they say that only the one in Serbia who recognizes Kosovo is good. I am causing instability because I do not recognize Kosovo; I am standing up for the Serbs. I am proud of that guilt, proud when Kearns, Menendez, Torres attack me, but also proud when there are some names of people who previously always participated in something like that," he explained.

Asked about the possibility of Ukraine recognizing Kosovo, Vucic reminded that Ukraine had always been a friendly country to Serbia.

"We have never had conflicts and problems; I hope we won't have them. I hope and think, I am almost convinced that the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is much wiser and smarter than the head of the Foreign Policy Committee of the Ukrainian Parliament. Imagine if Ukraine recognized an independent Kosovo. In one day, Ukraine would lose everything it had in its hands. Complete political credibility and I'm not talking about the relationship with Serbia. How can Zelenskyy say after that that he adheres to international law, the UN Charter? I am convinced that Zelenskyy will not lose such a trump card," he emphasized.

He pointed out that of course there was international pressure on everyone because they wanted to finish everything regarding the independence of Kosovo as soon as possible.

"They have been trying to finish it for 15 years; they were doing well until 2012. After that, we had a lot of recognition withdrawals. That fight is not easy, we are talking about big, powerful countries," he added.

Vucic said that those who said that the letter was unpleasant for Vucic and that they did not answer him in some offices, should know that they answered him in all offices, but that he rarely called anyone.

He emphasized that he called only when it was necessary to do something for Serbia, and not to take pictures.

"There is no statesman I have not met in the world, and I have met more of them than anyone in the history of Serbia. If I have a problem, it is not my problem, but the country's problem, since someone wants to force us to give up our national and state interests, and I want to advocate that we make our own decisions," he underlined.

Vucic emphasized that he was not particularly upset and that the letter was a desperate attempt by people who wanted to provoke conflicts, and who arrested the Serbs.

"That's when you're dealing with people who want to cause conflicts, to prevent us from talking about things like the development of Serbia, who want to drag us into wars. We don't want to participate in that, but we will fight for our people, for the release of the arrested, and we will be with our people," he said.

Lies are used to prepare the political ground for an attack on the Serbs

In response to the statement that some Serbs, including Boban Bogdanovic, a politician from Kosovo and a close associate of Albin Kurti, thanked the signatories of the letter, Vucic pointed out that it was not political opponents that were important, but the fact that the Serbs from the north had been criminalized for years, in order to prepare the political ground for an attack on the Serbs.

"That Bogdanovic is not very important, he is Kurti's second-in-command in Kosovo, a drug dealer, with 13 convictions... And Zdravko Ponos expressed his satisfaction with the letters of those who hate Serbia, who demand that we recognize Kosovo and renounce Republika Srpska. But political opponents are unimportant,” Vucic said.

He pointed out that five years ago they had started to criminalize the Serbs from the north, and in addition, they explained to Serbia that the Republika Srpska was an entity and the concept was "ugly and disgusting", even though it was a Dayton creation, asking how anyone could attack Republika Srpska and the constitution of a country.

"It is a synchronized attack on the Serbs from the north, who are being criminalized so that when Kurti attacks the Serbs, it will be because they are criminals and murderers, where everyone in Belgrade 'knows' that Radoicic killed Oliver Ivanovic, and not even the Albanians have the indictment against him... To Alicia Kearns, who says that priests carry weapons and that we carry weapons in ambulances... Lies after lies, but it is a necessary campaign, in order to prepare the political ground for an attack on the Serbs," Vucic said, adding that similar "in-depth preparation" was also applied in the case of Republika Srpska.

Commenting on the allegations of the German Der Spiegel, which stated that Serbia's foreign policy was "walking a tightrope" and Vucic was "a wizard from Oz who has the sympathy of the West but that this will not last long", Vucic noted that he had been reading similar headlines for 11 years - "how Vucic will not be able to sit on two chairs".

"For the thousandth time I repeat to everyone - the essence of the policy we lead is an independent, sovereign Serbia, which is on the EU path, but preserves ties with traditional friends. We make decisions ourselves that is our policy, our chair and we are not interested in sitting in your chair, but in our own," President Vucic said.

He added that he was proud of such a policy.

"If we're the only ones - Great, but will someone overthrow me because of that... Then, what? It will be written in the history textbooks that our government was not formed by Cameron Munter and Miskovic... but by the citizens of Serbia. This is the politics of honor and pride and freedom," Vucic said.

This, he indicated, was also the policy of the future, because a growing part of humanity was looking for exactly such a policy.

"And it will be dominant. We will see if we can withstand it, but we have completely changed the country," he said.

He repeated that every world leader would respond to his invitation and that in August alone, he would have more meetings with foreign officials than some presidents in their entire mandate.