Vucic: The State Department has also spoken out about those detained from Kosovo, but the arrest of Serbs goes unnoticed

Aleksandar Vučić Pink TV
Source: PrintScreen TV Pink

On the anniversary of the Brussels Agreement, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic highlighted today that the rhetoric of Western countries claiming that Pristina will face consequences if it does not implement the obligation to form the CSM (Community of Serb-majority Municipalities) is empty, senseless, and impudent. Responding to claims that Serbian police were detaining buses from Kosovo, he stated that no one in Serbia had held anyone and described it as the utmost impudence - both the State Department and the EU have spoken out about it, yet when it comes to the arrest of Serbs in Kosovo, no one speaks up or reacts.

"The rhetoric of Western countries that Pristina will suffer consequences if it does not implement the obligation to form the CSM is empty, senseless, and impudent. This rhetoric is no longer even repeated, it's only mentioned on some anniversaries, otherwise, they are not interested," Vucic pointed out on TV Pink.

He reminded that Serbia thought it was making a difficult compromise in 2013, adding that the agreement was signed by then-Prime Minister of Serbia Ivica Dacic, and he personally participated in it.

"I never hid that. I alone went to endure the greatest attacks in Kosovo and Metohija, while Ivica was in America. We did what we thought was best for the country at that time to avoid being brutally punished," Vucic highlighted.

He noted that it was a good thing that Serbia has still managed to not recognize Kosovo's independence and that Serbs still exist as a people in Kosovo without the imposition of sanctions and punitive measures.

He assessed that it is a disgrace to the USA and EU that 11 years have passed since the Brussels Agreement and the CSM has not been formed.

"This has shown that they always had the same plan that Serbs must deliver what is planned, while Albanians will never have to do anything," Vucic concluded.

Vucic also commented on the EU's punitive measures towards Pristina for not taking steps towards de-escalation in the north and noted that despite these sanctions, the Kosovo Prime Minister was invited to Berlin to talk about human rights on the anniversary of the Council of Europe.

He also referred to yesterday's claims that Serbian border police were detaining buses from Kosovo and emphasized that no one in Serbia had held anyone.

"The greatest impudence you could see yesterday. It will be studied in textbooks how we resisted those who thought they were a substitute for God. Yesterday, the State Department, the EU, Germans, and everyone else told us that Serbia has no right to detain buses. No one in Serbia detained anyone. Two or three Albanians and one Serbian member of the Kosovo Police were detained. One of them had been part of the so-called KLA, suspected of crimes against Serbs. About this Serbian, I know he is someone, better not to say anything… But all were released within 24 hours," said Vucic.

He added that the detained were interrogated and certain conclusions were made, and it remains to be seen what will happen next. Although no one was beaten or mistreated, Vucic emphasized, everyone voiced criticism and told Serbia how it should behave.

However, when it comes to the arrest of Serbs, he notices, no one speaks up or lectures.

"How come you didn’t say anything the other day when Vladimir Stefanovic was beaten up near Zubin Potok, you kept silent, you didn’t say a word. You arrested Srecko Sofronijevic and harassed his family, you kept Obrenovic in detention for seven or eight months because you killed God in him," Vucic mentioned.

He reminded that no one reacts nor does goods from central Serbia being unable to enter Kosovo for 10 months elicit any response.

"Why didn’t you issue a statement, Rohde, Hovenier, why didn’t you, Stano, say something about it, you from the State Department, not a word. And what are the sanctions for Kurti? To get visa liberalization, membership in NATO Parliamentary Assembly, and membership in the Council of Europe. And then you tell us it’s not against you Serbs. So against who it is," Vucic concluded.

On the issue of the Srebrenica resolution: We will see who is a friend of Serbia, international law, and justice

Today, regarding the resolution on the genocide in Srebrenica, which will be considered by the United Nations General Assembly at the beginning of May, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic stated that this session will reveal who truly supports Serbia and the Serbian people, and who are the friends of international law and justice.

"This is a German idea, supported by NATO and others. They have enlisted Rwanda, New Zealand, and Chile. They have also found several countries that have always been sponsors of such projects, like Malaysia and Jordan. North Macedonia has been added at the request of the Albanians, so there's no great philosophy there. And thank them for it, I suppose it’s gratitude for what we've done for Skopje. I saw Austria there too, nothing strange given everything that Alexander Schallenberg is doing against our country," Vucic said on TV Pink.

He added that what usually falls under the jurisdiction of the Security Council has been moved to the General Assembly because they knew that Russia and China would veto it.

At the UN General Assembly, he says, those who submitted and supported the resolution expect a safe majority and want to strike a blow against the Serbs and Serbia.

He pointed out that it came as a proposal from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but not a comprehensive one, rather one nation against another, without respecting procedures and the Dayton Agreement, the consensus that is needed.

Vucic emphasized that resistance to this is growing and they had counted on at least 70 out of 90 votes in favor, 60 to 90 abstentions, and 20 to 30 against.

"The results will not be like that. They have huge dominance, just the EU alone has 27 countries, add to that political dwarfs from various countries of the region, to get to 35-36. But, we are also fighting. Our struggle continues and it will not be easy, we will see who is a friend of Serbia and the Serbs, a friend of international law and justice," Vucic underscored.

He said it is interesting that Efraim Zurof gave a brave statement, and he expects Jehuda Bauer and others to speak out, then it will be seen who those who wrote the resolution are and what kind of racist approach they have towards other nations.

"Imagine having a resolution where more countries are abstaining than supporting. They will say they have won, but by their own rules," Vucic observed.

He mentioned that Josip Juratovic and those who have supported political opponents of the government in Serbia, called for marking the 75th anniversary of the Council of Europe - Albin Kurti, who will, "by the way," also hold a rally in Germany and the Netherlands.

He repeated that the Germans "played the game" around the resolution with the USA.

He announced that he would meet tomorrow with Jayme O'Brien, Assistant Secretary of State of the USA.

He also referred to the decision of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, saying that everything Dora Bakoyannis said was a lie.

He reminded that she failed to fulfill the obligation to come to Belgrade to talk, instead canceling every invitation to discuss.

Responding to her words that the admission of Kosovo to the Council of Europe did not create a precedent for Cyprus, Vucic commented that "it has nothing to do with Cyprus today, but it will tomorrow."

He stressed that Serbia will continue to fight against Kosovo's membership in the Council of Europe and stated that he had sent letters to many leaders regarding this.

"I see Milanovic says they will vote for Kosovo, even though I sent him a five-page letter. I sent some an eight-page letter, for some I knew five pages was a lot, but that is my job and duty. We will continue to fight and people should know that we will preserve our Serbia, and we will also preserve the honor of the Serbian people," Vucic stated.

Ridiculous and tragicomic remarks on the Serbian Army exercise near Kosovo

He reiterated his satisfaction with the preparedness of the Serbian Army, which was demonstrated at the "Vihor 2024" exercise on Pester, noting that the power shown was greater than in the past, and stating that the remarks by Albin Kurti and others about the exercise being conducted near Kosovo were "stupid."

"We could see very stupid comments from Albin Kurti and the like, who said – imagine, Serbia is conducting an exercise 30 kilometers away from Kosovo by air distance… We might as well have the exercise in the center of Belgrade, to move a bit away from Kurti…," said Vucic.

He added that it is becoming tragically comical how much stupidity some in the region and many global officials are uttering.

"Live for the success of the country, and from what we saw, we had almost nothing like this ten years ago," Vucic indicated.

He stated he was pleased with the preparation and organization of the exercise.

"It looked like how our army should look on a real battlefield. We have shown much greater strength than in previous periods," said the President of Serbia.

He noted that almost all the displayed technology, about 85%, was new.

He announced further significant investments in the Serbian Army and the Serbian defense industry.