Witness to the murder of a Serb in Banjska: Police shot the wounded unarmed Mijailovic from two meters away

Svedok ubistva Mijailovića u Banjskoj, tonski snimak
Source: Print Screen TV Pink

A witness to the murder of a Serb in a conflict with the Kosovo Police last week in Banjska has recounted that Bojan Mijailovic, who was unarmed and fleeing from the police after they had shot and wounded him, was shot at close range, from two meters away, while he was on the ground.

The audio recording of the testimony was released tonight on the "Hit Tvit" show on TV Pink, and the witness described how he found himself in Banjska and how Bojan Mijailovic was killed.

He explained that on September 24th, he happened to be in the village of Banjska, where he had come upon a group of our people in uniforms.

"I approached them and asked if they needed any help. I didn't know what was going on; I said I knew this area and asked if they needed any assistance. While I was talking to them, all of a sudden the Kosovo Police started shooting at us," he said.

They had been shooting from everywhere, he added.

„I didn’t know what was going on at all. I thought that no one of us would survive. They were shooting from every weapon. I told the group of our people that I knew that road and I showed them where to escape. I started running away. Bojan Mijailovic followed me. While we were running through the woods, the Kosovo Police were chasing us shooting at us with no warning to stop. We were without any weapons. After a few hundred meters, they shot us both,“ he testified about the conflict.

He said that Bojan had fallen down and couldn’t run anymore and that he had jumped off the road to hide.

“When I pulled myself to see what was going on I saw that Bojan was approached by a group of policemen and from a 2 meter distance they were shooting at him,“ the witness said.

After staying there, as he says, for a few seconds and realizing that his life was at risk, he continued running away, and the police noticed him and started shooting at him again.

"As I knew those roads, I managed to escape and come to some brook and I really do not know what happened afterward," he concluded his testimony as an eyewitness to the conflict in Banjska.