Telekom Srbija: Pristina is trying to shut down the company MTS d.o.o.

MTS Mitrovica
Source: Radio Kosovska Mitrovica 

Telekom Srbija announced that the decision of the Business Registration Agency in Pristina (ARBK) made on July 31, 2023, shutting down the company MTS d.o.o. had been delivered to that company today, but that the decision was still unenforceable, Politika reports.

"That decision is factually and legally unfounded and contrary to European principles, standards, and international law and represents a clear violation of the rule of law and violates the confirmed agreements between Serbia, Pristina, and the EU," Telekom said in a statement.

This move was based, as stated, on a completely absurd explanation that claimed that a member of the company's management had a passport issued by the Republic of Serbia, although in all official documents "all members of the management use documents of temporary institutions in accordance with the Brussels Agreement".

"The question is, what the logic of shutting down a company because one of the management members, according to unfounded criteria, has alleged deficiencies in his personal documents is," Telekom said.

MTS d.o.o. was founded in full compliance with the Brussels Agreement on Telecommunications (September 8, 2013) and is a company that is 100 percent owned by Telekom Srbija and has been operating as such for almost a decade.

"Contrary to the speculations of various media houses about the potential closure of MTS we want to emphasize that the decision in question is still unenforceable," Telekom states.

Telekom also points out that it has the right to file a complaint with ARBK within 30 days, which it intends to do.

"Telekom Srbija will do everything to protect the interests of all citizens in Kosovo and Metohija who use its services and more than 250 employees," the announcement stated.