House of the Zivkovic family in Lepina near Lipljan burglarized

Kuća porodice Živković
Source: Kosovo Online

The home of the Zivkovic family in Lepina, near Lipljan, was broken into and robbed on Thursday evening while nobody was inside. Dr. Milan Zivkovic, a former professor at the University of Pristina, tells Kosovo Online today that the case has been reported to the police, urging them to find the perpetrators, because his house is not the first to be targeted by thieves, and none of the previous robberies have been solved.

Zivkovic was away from home on Thursday when he noticed that his camera, installed on the house, was not functioning. It was his neighbor, Ljubisa Dimic, who noticed the break-in on Friday when he went to check why the camera wasn't working, prompted by Zivkovic's call.

"He saw that the camera was turned off and damaged, the sensor destroyed, and the terrace door open. He saw the mess. He called me to tell me that my house had been burglarized," Dr. Zivkovic recounts.

Upon returning home, the incident was reported to the police, who, along with a forensic team, compiled a report.

"I'm not the only one being robbed. I appeal to the Kosovo Police to find the perpetrators. This is sheer impudence and vandalism," Zivkovic says.

Although retired, he often goes to Nis, where his family lives.

"I am, of course, scared. In the end, my house was targeted for robbery. Someone probably followed, saw that I wasn't there... Someone who knew, saw where to turn off the camera, sensor, and which side to enter. I had a floodlight outside; they turned it all off and prepared," he says, visibly upset.

The house was ransacked, and expensive watches were stolen. Due to the chaos, Zivkovic still cannot assess if anything else was taken.

Neighbor Ljubisa Dimic, whose house is opposite the Zivkovic family home, also fears frequent burglaries.

"I'm nearby. It's better I wasn't there that night when he called me. I might have caught the perpetrators, and they certainly wouldn't have come empty-handed," Dimic says.

He confirms that this isn't the first robbery.

"His brother's house was also burglarized a month ago, and several houses were broken into in Skulanevo. They could take us from our beds. The police haven't arrested anyone yet, and this won't be solved either," Dimic said.