Co-sponsoring the resolution on genocide: Morality is a lost category in today's politics

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Source: Kosovo Online

Written for Kosovo Online by Zeljko Sajn

In the fierce struggle among the world's most powerful military forces between maintaining and undermining hegemony, the language of weapons increasingly spreads and grows louder at the gates of the Balkans. Political steps, especially those historically marked by genocidal activities, would today be, at the very least, incomprehensible if we were not already accustomed to hypocrisy, the absence of moral principles, and "forgetfulness" when it comes to promises or one's own history. Thus, Germany today, which genocidally destroyed the Slavic peoples, including Serbs, Jews, and Roma during the First and Second World Wars, and participated in the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, is a co-author of the UN General Assembly draft resolution on the "genocide" in Srebrenica, thereby labeling the Serbian people as genocidal.

Of course, NATO member countries will support this resolution, including North Macedonia, our neighbor. Indeed, Bujar Osmani, the Foreign Minister of this country, stated that North Macedonia is one of the co-sponsors of this resolution, and that it serves the interest of reconciliation among the peoples of the Balkans.

"North Macedonia, along with Germany, the USA, and other countries, is a co-sponsor of the UN Resolution to declare July 11 as the International Day of Remembrance and Commemoration of the Genocide in Srebrenica 1995, to be observed every year," Osmani said at a press conference, calling on Serbia to also support this resolution in the vote on May 2: "I think it is especially important for Serbia to vote for this resolution with the aim of acknowledging and promoting the facts, as all decisions of international courts and bodies show that a genocide occurred in Srebrenica. As long as it is denied and not recognized, the possibility of its repetition is likely."

Should we momentarily ignore Osmani's statement and focus on the analysis of the goal that "justifies the means" which tries to record Serbs in history as a genocidal nation?

Germany's co-authorship in promoting the draft resolution on "genocide" in Srebrenica, as well as Berlin's active role in its promotion, indicates Germany's intention to establish itself in Europe as an independent power center. Although it persistently seeks to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council, Germany wants to regain power in the Balkans through principles contrary to those advocated by this organization: disregarding the Dayton and Brussels Agreements, which should implement peace in the Balkans, in the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

With all political means, assisted by the USA, Germany tries to facilitate the adoption of such a document, where Serbs would be labeled as a genocidal people. It concerns the same people who were genocidally destroyed by racist policies. The Nuremberg Laws on racial purity listed Slavs, Jews, and Roma for extermination by Nazi Germany in World War II to create a pure Aryan race (blue blood). The same law was enacted by Bulgarian Tsar Boris III in the Bulgarian Parliament in January 1941, and as we know, Bulgarians coldly opened a cultural center named after him in Ohrid.

Morality is a lost category in today's politics. It is even more tragic that Germany receives strong support from the very countries that destroyed the ideology of racist politics, such as the USA, France, and Britain, allowing it to complete the genocidal fulfillment of the "pure law." France, for example, supported by other Western members of the Security Council, disrupted Council sessions on the 25th anniversary of NATO's aggression on Yugoslavia, where Germans again killed Serbs, but supporting the draft resolution on "genocide" in Srebrenica.

Neither morally nor politically does it stand in the most basic steps of diplomacy for Germany to be a co-sponsor of the resolution on genocide, nor to support Israel. It should also be added that it voted against the resolution "Combating the glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism, and other practices contributing to the escalation of contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, and related intolerance" at the 78th session of the UN General Assembly. It is easy to conclude that wherever there is genocide, it appears as a frontman. However, this does not affect the reputation of the former or current German Foreign Ministers, Joschka Fischer and Annalena Baerbock. Helmut Kohl and Dietrich Genscher were never frontmen, especially when it came to the destruction of Yugoslavia, just so they wouldn't be branded with Hitler's historical past.

NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia was a gross violation of international law, completely unjustified and illegal. In international law, the use of force is permitted with the approval of the UN Security Council or in self-defense, and the Security Council did not make any decision that would have authorized such a military action. NATO, which included Germany in its ranks, allowed it to take an active part in the humanitarian campaign "White Angel" and to kill civilians with its planes in the bombing of Yugoslavia, including women, children, and the elderly, all without the consent of the UN Security Council, an organization in which Germany now wants to be a permanent member. It should also be noted that the leadership of NATO member countries has never been held accountable for violating the norms on the use of force or for violating international humanitarian law in Yugoslavia.

Isn't all this proof of the greatest hypocrisy in recent history? Instead of adhering to its policy that does not awaken racist ideology, Germany this time enters the Balkan gates with the USA and France seeking a resolution for "genocide" in Srebrenica and labeling the Serbian people with its own label.