Vucic: Our tricolor will be the most famous flag of resistance in the whole world

Aleksandar Vučić
Source: Kosovo Online

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, announced tonight, after a meeting with the leadership of the Republic of Srpska, that he will send a special envoy to the Chairperson of the United Nations General Assembly on Monday. The envoy will deliver his letter, which will highlight the violation of all procedures within the global organization.

"Today, I spoke with the Chair of the UN General Assembly. On Monday, I will send a special envoy to the president of that body with my letter and request a thorough review of all procedural breaches. It is mandatory for the UN Security Council to address the issue of Bosnia and Herzegovina in accordance with the charter of the global organization, as it is still an unstable region. There are still international forces and what they call a high representative, which would not exist if it were stable. They want to shift the voting from the Security Council to the UN General Assembly, turning a matter crucial for peace preservation into a discussion on peace culture and memory culture," he emphasized.

He mentioned that another breach involves the requirement of a two-thirds majority because it pertains to something that could either endanger or preserve peace.

"These are procedural reasons. Fundamental reasons, I would say. I would pose three questions to everyone from NATO, since it is clear that the main sponsors are NATO countries plus Rwanda, hence the major powers, Germany number one, the United Kingdom, America, France, all others, Turkey, of course. Perhaps it's difficult for them to talk about Armenians, so they've turned to Serbs and everyone else. Seventeen in total, including Slovenia, presumably leaving out the Croatians and some others who will be very vocal, but they wouldn't go so far as to degrade us, so we wouldn't dare to talk about Jasenovac and all other Serbian killing fields. My first question for them all, what now? You're marking the 29th anniversary, and it's not even a round anniversary. Why not 28? Why not 25? Why not 26? Why not wait for 30?" he pointed out.

Vucic said he hopes they will respond, but since he will not receive a reply despite his hopes, he can immediately say why.

"Why, do they know they will have fewer governments that would support this next year than is the case today? Because the global south is gaining more space in the world, countries are freeing themselves from colonial shackles, no longer wanting to serve and listen as they had before, and that is one of the reasons," he underlined.

He indicated that his second question is whether this resolution will further divide the nations and countries of the world or if it will be adopted unanimously as always.

"The resolution on genocide or the Holocaust was limited to Jewish people in 2005 because Germans were not declared a genocidal people because of what they did in Kragujevac, Kraljevo, or Jajinci, but only because of what they did to the Jews. They have always been adopted unanimously. Do you really think this will be adopted unanimously? Republic of Srpska is not part of the United Nations. Republic of Srpska is not even listened to in Bosnia and Herzegovina when it has a differing opinion and is not respected. Serbia will oppose all NATO countries alone through political means, from Turkey to Germany, knowing our chances are minimal, but we will fight to the last moment," he added.

He noted that the vote is scheduled for May 2 and will be decided by a simple majority.

He relayed that President Dodik has asked Serbia to fight, and Serbia will fight to the last moment for every vote.

"Then you justify how you made a decision that will be 65 for, calculate all these countries, those they control in Oceania, those they control on the North American continent, and a part of the Islamic countries. A part, because surely a part will not go along with those who are colonialists and those who think they can dominate the world with their dictates. And what will you do when you get just 10, 15, or 20 more votes than those who are against? Your only opponent is small Serbia. Russia had only seven votes in the General Assembly. I'm telling you now, we will have many, many times more," he said.

He highlighted that the third question is why they are doing this to the region and what the sense is, to first tell the Serbs in Bosnia and Herzogovina, "we will not deal with you because you are genocidal," and to neighbors in Serbia that they don't need a highway."

He emphasized that the chances are almost none, because when you look at the region, there are many who would like to please, so Serbia will have to fight through the free peoples.

"We will fight, we will work day and night, we will protect our country. We will dare to look them in the eye, I don't know how they will look at us," he declared.

Vucic said they pretend not to know what it's about, like with the Council of Europe, and they want to give Albin Kurti a chance to file lawsuits and complaints against Serbia.

"We will fight, we will work day and night, we will protect our country. We will dare to look them in the eye, I don't know how they will look at us," he declared.

Vucic said they pretend not to know what it's about, like with the Council of Europe, and they want to give Albin Kurti a chance to file lawsuits and complaints against Serbia.

"We will fight, we will oppose, we do not want to go to wars. We will oppose politically. You will see, little Serbia in misery will entertain the great powers that want to bring an act to punish a small country, Serbia. We will fight to the last second. Russia got seven votes, and we will get many more. Let them then explain how they caused such divisions in the UN and the region. And why they did it," he said.

Vucic stated that it has been agreed that the Serbian people know their fate and the truth.

"So that they can take away our heart and leave us with the deepest scar on the soul of the Serbian people, they will see that they will never be able to subjugate Serbia, the freedom-loving Serbian people, and our tricolor we will not only carry in our hearts but everywhere and it will be the most famous flag of resistance in the world," Vucic proclaimed.

Vucic also highlighted that the comment by the German ambassador at the UN briefing was disgraceful.

"She clearly said, when the representative of Hungary announced that it was not the smartest moment, that 'for Serbia there is never a time'. Let it be time for you. Let you not have committed genocide, and let the Serbs have. Everything can be inverse in the modern world, just everything. They thought everyone would tremble with fear and worry about their positions. How people do not know the Serbian people," Vucic said.

He emphasized that the Serbs will show pride on the day when, eventually, the resolution on Srebrenica is adopted.

"That day, when you adopt that resolution, if you adopt it, we will show how proud we are and that you will never subjugate us. Never will the Serbian people agree to your blackmail and senseless accusations," Vucic declared.

If it comes to the point that the resolution on Srebrenica is proclaimed, Vucic has announced that he will then call on all Serbs to display their national symbols and "Serbian tricolor" everywhere in the world and show that Serbia will never be conquered.

He also referred to yesterday's incident in Novi Pazar and emphasized that Serbia will do everything to maintain good relations with "our Bosniak brothers."

"Our goal is peace at any cost with our Bosniak brothers, they are forced to must listen to the orders from Sarajevo, as they had to listen to how I was shooting around Sarajevo with a sniper, although I never held one in my hands," Vucic highlighted.

He said that he will fight for Serbia and his people until the last breath and the last drop of sweat.

"What is the point of condemning Serbs and abolishing Serbian. Tell us what you seek," Vucic said.

He declared that Serbia will also fight for membership in the Council of Europe, given that, as he said, pushing Kosovo into that international organization pushes Serbia out of it.

He also commented on the statements by the Bosniak member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzogovina Denis Becirovic that Dodik is not "the biggest problem in Bosnia and Herzogovina, but the president of Serbia," noting that he is a "petty liar and forger," and that big decisions are made by great powers like Britain, Germany, and Turkey.

"He didn't even come up with that, nor is it important. This is a question for the Germans, the English, the Turks, and all others who support him. They are much bigger and more powerful players. But it is true that 'might does not plead with God', but 'nor does God love might,'" Vucic declared.

He repeated that, regardless of all circumstances, Serbia will strive to preserve peace and will focus on the support of friendly countries.

He also explained that incidents occurred last night in Novi Pazar, when 21 trucks entered the part of the city populated by Serbs.

"It was ugly, there were flare throws towards the barracks in Novi Pazar... The Serbs are disturbed, but so are the Bosniaks. It was not the smartest for the Serbs that we kept silent about what happened on Christmas Eve, when the largest fireworks ever launched in Novi Pazar were made," Vucic noted.

He added that both Bosniaks and Serbs are citizens of Serbia and announced that he will talk with his Bosniak friends before Easter about the danger of new incidents.

"For us, peace is priceless and we must understand that Serbia is our common house and we must respect each other, build and work together," Vucic repeated.

Dodik: Directly destroying the common Bosnia and Herzogovina, I will do everything to convince Vucic to support RS decisions

The President of the Republic of Srpska, Milorad Dodik, stated tonight that by a resolution on Srebrenica, which might be presented at the United Nations General Assembly, the Serbian people are marked as a genocidal people, which, he emphasized, directly destroys the common Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Because of this, he says, he will do everything to convince the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, to accept all the decisions of RS, which sees no sense in remaining in the common state if that resolution receives support in the UN.

Dodik, after talks with the state leadership of Serbia in Belgrade, said that no genocide occurred in Srebrenica, and that this is a fabricated form by which the Serbian people are demonized, and individual verdicts for crimes are transferred as collective responsibility onto the entire Serbian people.

"I will do everything by May 5th and the Easter Assembly to convince Vucic to support all the decisions that RS intends to make, because this is directly destroying the unity in Bosnia and Herzogovina, it is a fabricated act sent to the UN without the consent of the Bosnia and Herzogovina bodies, that Bosniak leaders falsely represent as if they represent Bosnia and Herzogovina, but in fact represent only the Bosniak side and that the act is directly aimed against RS and the Serbian people," Dodik said.

He pointed out that everything that is now being done is done at a time when what is happening in Gaza is skillfully used, where, he says, the suffering is far greater, but the focus is consciously maintained on RS.

He mentioned that in RS, on April 18th and 19th, a session of the National Assembly will be held, as well as a large public rally in Banja Luka. The Assembly will, he mentioned, make some decisions.

"If it comes to deciding on what is being initiated, the Republic of Srpska will leave the decision-making in Bosnia and Herzogovina. We do not see the sense to remain an integral part of Bosnia and Herzogovina. We will seek to regulate our status, to try to continue independently. Because if someone persistently qualifies guilt to the entire people, that is absurd and does not lead to reconciliation," Dodik said.

He also mentioned that in the area of Srebrenica, 3,500 Serbs and 4,100 Bosniaks were killed, but the suffering of Serbs is rejected, and the suffering of Bosniaks is favored.

"This is manipulation and deception, to justify NATO bombing without the consent of the competent institutions. I will do everything to convince Vucic to support RS in decisions after May 5th," Dodik added.

Vucic: Serbia does not change its stance on sanctions against Russia, no one blackmails it

Responding to the question of whether Macron, during their conversation, asked him to impose sanctions on Russia, even as a condition for acquiring "Rafales," he answered that Serbia's stance on this issue does not change, and that no one has blackmailed the country, nor can anyone do so.

"The stance we expressed eight days after the conflict in Ukraine started, stands even today," Vucic said.

As he added, Serbia is proud of its stance, as the country is small in size and population, but big at heart and a "giant" in statecraft.

"Serbia has not and will not change its stance. No one has blackmailed it, nor can anyone blackmail it," President Vucic declared.

On the claims that "Macron is blackmailing him because of the claims on 'Sky'", he says that he has never been on 'Sky' nor on anything else.

With Macron, he emphasizes, he had a friendly meeting, which he is proud of, as well as the results of the visit to Paris that are in favor of Serbia.

"But, what will you do when you have people who love the lower part of their backs more than their country. Luckily, I do not belong to such," Vucic added.