Summary of the week 15

Kompilacija 15
Source: Kosovo Online

There are rivalries in the region even outside of football. However, from this week onwards, these rivalries will have visible consequences. Therefore, all other emotions, friendships, or animosities, take a back seat.

Who likes whom, or who has problems with whom, should not concern us. Until it starts to concern us.

Kosovo Prime Minister Kurti makes a distinction:

"We do not have any problem with Serbs at all. We have a problem with Belgrade."

He personally has no problem with Albanians either. However, judging by yet another visit without a meeting, Albanian Prime Minister Rama is no longer his friend.

Analysts have long established the nature of their relationship. Ognjen Gogic says:"There are conflicts between Kurti and Rama that are both personal and political in nature."

However, some friendships are eternal. Or at least decades-long. We saw this during the visit of former British Prime Minister to Kosovo.

"I cannot thank you enough for the kindness and hospitality you have shown me," said Tony Blair after the first in a series of meetings with Kosovo officials. And the people.

The gratitude is mutual. And Pristina remembers everything. And, they say, it shows in the best light.

Former American diplomat William Walker is proud of what he sees two and a half decades after the bombing.

"Kosovo is an incredibly successful story," says Walker.

However, those who observe the situation closely and from a different angle do not share that enthusiasm. Especially when they go shopping without money and return without the desired goods. This has been happening for about a year, the duration of Pristina's ban on Serbian goods.

"Prices are rising every day. We buy what's available. What can we do?" ask citizens, not expecting an answer.

Some purchases do not require money, but the resource that is being bought is limited.

For the lack of a solution and the constant appearance of new proposals, constitutional law professor Mazlum Baraliu blames both sides.

"Both Belgrade and Pristina have a need to buy time," explains Baraliu, describing a tactic that has been seen many times before.

Since it's not yet time for important decisions, it is time for important victories. This is the moment when we all have the right to our strategy, the football one.

One of the residents of North Mitrovica shared his view on the European Championship with us.

"We will lose to England, I think we will do something with Denmark. Maybe a draw with Slovenia, and that's it."

Every victory, both achieved and hoped for in Germany, can be historic. Even a victory in beauty. It is important only that the duties of modern Kosovar women be brighter and more beautiful than history remembers.