Momirovic: We are working on establishing an open market in the Balkans

Tomislav Momirović
Source: Facebook

The Minister of Foreign and Internal Trade in the Government of Serbia, Tomislav Momirovic, said today in Banja Luka that the region needed to be strengthened further due to complex geopolitical circumstances and pointed out that the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, and the President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, are committed to this goal.

"In these specific conditions, caused by the war in the east of Europe, we have to find room for further economic growth and development," Momirovic said.

He adds that there must be room for better trade relations, further investments, and the growth of salaries and pensions and that for this reason, with joint forces and the help of President Vucic and Dodik, they will ensure everything, both for Serbia and the Republika Srpska, as well as for the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Danas reports.

"It is very important that we send a clear signal that people should stay here and that the economy develops both in Serbia and in the Republika Srpska because we are practically one. There is no difference between Nis, Belgrade, Banja Luka, and Gradiska," Minister Momirovic said.

He adds that it is very important that we further relax the border procedures and that the joint institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina should recognize this initiative because there is no trade development without relaxed border procedures.

The Minister of Trade and Tourism of the Republika Srpska, Denis Sulic, points out that the Republika Srpska is an ally of Serbia in every respect.

"Serbia is our biggest foreign trade partner, and our desire is to expand that cooperation. Republika Srpska will always be Serbia's ally in every matter, from trade to foreign policy," Sulic said.

After the bilateral meeting, Minister Momirovic participated in the panel "Open Balkan, Challenges and Opportunities," organized by the Association of Young Economists of Republika Srpska in Banja Luka.

"We have to recognize this political moment because this is the moment when the Balkans must connect economically. We have to remove all unnecessary border procedures because that's the only way we can generate new investments, increase the circulation of people and goods, and raise the standard of living for all our citizens," Minister Momirovic concluded.

Momirovic adds that we must change the perspective and the way we look at our economic relations in the future because, otherwise, we will condemn our children to permanent economic backwardness, and that is why it is necessary to follow the example of the European Union and relax border procedures so that people can travel freely between our states and republics.