Vjosa Osmani will disappear as a historical disgrace; she is a disposable product of Albin Kurti

Kurti i Osmani
Source: Ekonomia Online

Vjosa Osmani said that President Macron's warning about possible consequences in case of non-implementation of the agreement between Kosovo and Serbia was a way to kill the dialogue itself. This is not only thoughtless but a truly terrible statement by the President of Kosovo.

Osmani puts herself in a position to not only lecture President Macron on the issues of the Western Balkans but also speaks in threatening tones from the position of Kosovo with an immeasurable pile of problems, addressing France, one of the leading countries of the EU, a country with a permanent seat in the Security Council, a nuclear and world power, whose influence is decisive from Africa to the war in Ukraine.

Therefore, her megalomaniacal passion, which stems from the psychology of a spoiled child, is the lighter side of the problem compared to the possible diplomatic and political consequences of this approach on the international level.

Secondly, President Macron did not ask for anything more than the implementation of the agreement, which Osmani and Kurti themselves applauded with unbridled enthusiasm. There is nothing more legitimate from the President of France than the request for the implementation of the agreement that Kurti and the Osmani themselves supported and even personally thanked the President of France for their contribution.

What happened now that Vjosa Osmani seems to be in a position to rebuke the President of France as he shouts at her subordinates in the Presidency from the Chief of Cabinet onwards, in moments of frequent loss of control?

She cannot tell anyone that this problem is being solved "hastily". With this attitude towards the French President, Kosovo will be the only bearer of the political consequences of adventurous behavior.

In the end, with the idea that Kosovo should completely withdraw from the dialogue in case of further sanctions, Vjosa Osmani did not only cause enormous damage in foreign policy. Namely, she rejected Albin Kurti's main explanation that he continues the dialogue because he has no alternative, as a necessary evil.

According to Vjosa Osmani, withdrawal is Kosovo's backup option in case of escalation of EU measures. In her limitations, it may seem that with this statement, she warned about the reversal of the paradigm of international politics.

If this is not true, it is not necessary to elaborate further. However, the dual behavior of Osmani and Kurti in domestic and foreign policy requires further elaboration.

The 'chicken and the hawk' metaphor used by Albin Kurti to describe the haughty behavior of the heads of the states in the international arena and the humble behavior in the field of domestic politics is no doubt unrelated (as is almost any symbolic expression that causes endless self-enchantment in his interior, from coffee without a cup, carriages without horses, eating spaghetti with a spoon).

In the parallel universe of his blind followers, it is called philosophy. But in the real world of Kosovo's responsible political makers, Vjosa Osmani's dual personality, one face outside and another face inside challenged even the extreme limits of Kurti's disjointed metaphors, with chickens and hawks, with birds and shots, with hideous reptiles who dream of being fearless lions.

From the first day in office, Vjosa Osmani behaved like a servant of Albin Kurti. At no step in the dialogue, which is deeply flawed and ended without recognition as a consequence and with cultural and territorial autonomy for the Serbs due to the actions of Albin Kurti, did she perform the function of a representative of the unity of the people, a leader of foreign policy free from party affiliations.

From this point of view, Vjosa Osmani moved only in a political form, but without personal character - she showed herself as a cunning servant with fruitless stories of Fatmir Sejdiu and Isa Mustafa, an ardent admirer of Skender Hyseni and finally a servant and admirer of Albin Kurti.

However, she is aware that her unfaithfulness has some limits. The change of political partners more often than the parties of Mimoza Kusari should be masked by the attitude of supposedly dignified behavior propagated in the dark lessons of Husamedin Feray, Elvis Hoxha, and Arber Zaimi.

Well, guess what, the day came when Vjosa Osmani, the very one who cried in Pristina cafeterias that Isa Mustafa would not run for Prime Minister against Albin Kurti, whom she once called Hugo Chavez, told the French President that his politics are just a way to kill the dialogue.

Vjosa Osmani did not show that the criminal policy of tear gas and physical attacks on political opponents is one of the main causes of the loss of momentum for visa liberalization.

Therefore, the argument that the Self-Determination Government unblocked the issue of visas hides the very fact that it is Self-Determination that is blocking the process.

Furthermore, Vjosa Osmani added that no one would have the power to join the dialogue due to the loss of civil legitimacy.

Actually, according to this logic, she together with Self-Determination should leave her office as soon as possible and run away from their offices, one to Norway, and the other to rest in state villas in Albania, because they lied to an entire nation about the end of the dialogue.

From promising not to negotiate without principles, they ended up defending an agreement without international recognition centered entirely around territorial autonomy and the Serbian Orthodox Church. They themselves betrayed the political mandate entrusted to them by over 50 percent of the electorate of Kosovo.

In other words, Vjosa Osmani's arguments against Macron are not only scandalous for projecting the power of political peace in the international arena but are primarily arguments against their own domestic politics.

Because of this, there is no reason for Vjosa to act like a frightened hawk on the outside when she should be acting like a wet chicken if she had a little dignity, awareness, and conscience.

We know, we know, this is a big request for Vjosa Osmani.

However, the consequences of this policy led by two completely immature individuals will be very long-term and almost irreparable for Kosovo.

Moreover, Vjosa Osmani herself, like her boss Albin Kurti, demanded the full and immediate implementation of the Ohrid Agreement, which means the implementation of territorial and cultural autonomy for the Serbs in Kosovo.

They shared their views on this issue and after the meeting in Ohrid, there is no other way.

It's only a matter of time.

Then why the threat to the President of France for the question that Kurti and Osmani themselves are looking for? The answer is quite simple.

Kurti and Osmani need a little more time on the domestic front to use the tensions in the north as a means of strengthening the public's belief that they will resist to the end a process fundamentally harmful to the country.

Meanwhile, in the game of balancing political positions at the international level, they are working to create the necessary atmosphere for taking the first steps towards the implementation of the Ohrid Agreement.

With this approach, they replaced responsibility in international relations with concerns for public relations on the domestic ground precisely because of their deceptions over the years.

Albin Kurti's battle with incompetence and deception is likely to continue for some time.

However, one thing is absolutely certain - Vjosa Osmani is a disposable product of Albin Kurti's policy, which will disappear after this mandate, and will be thrown into the dustbin of history.

Of course, we continue to talk about the others every day.

Written by: Baton Haxhiu, journalist and analyst, owner of "Albanian Post"