American-Serbian Business Council established in the US; Djuric, Escobar, and Hill attended the ceremony

Eskobar, Đuric, Hil, Stjuart
Source: Ambasada Srbije u SAD

With a solemn ceremony at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Washington, the American-Serbian Business Council was established with the aim of further enhancing the economic dialogue and business ties between Serbia and the United States.

The Council was initiated by the Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to the US, Marko Djuric, and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the US Department of Commerce, Eric Stewart, the current Director of the American-Central European Business Association (ACEBA), who will serve as the President of the American-Serbian Business Council.

The ceremony was attended by the US State Department's Special Envoy for the Western Balkans, Gabriel Escobar, and the US Ambassador to the Republic of Serbia, Christopher Hill.

According to the Embassy's statement, on this occasion, Djuric and the President of the Board of Directors of the Council, Stuart Jones, signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia and the American-Serbian Business Council, committing to intensify bilateral cooperation in the field of economy and business.

"With the establishment of the American-Serbian Business Council, a new chapter is opened in the economic partnership between our two nations. This Council embodies our shared commitment to strengthening ties, promoting trade and investment, and fostering greater mutual understanding and respect," Djuric emphasized.

He added that the newly established Council serves as a platform for collaboration, dialogue, and innovation, as well as for creating new opportunities and prospects for the advancement of enterprises and companies in both countries.

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for the Western Balkans and Special Envoy of the US State Department, Gabriel Escobar, expressed satisfaction that this initiative places private sector interests at the center of bilateral relations.

"I see the economic relations between Serbia and the US as a hub, a center, and a catalyst for the progress of the entire Western Balkans, which will become one of the most important parts of Europe, and practically it already is," Escobar emphasized.

The US Ambassador to the Republic of Serbia, Christopher Hill, regarded the establishment of the American-Serbian Business Council as an important milestone in the further development of bilateral relations.

"Our two nations share the same orientation towards business cooperation, free markets, and working together to make not only our relationship but the whole world better. Our relationship with Serbia is important to us; it is not only a country in the heart of Europe but also a country that is in our hearts," Hill stated.

The President of Corporate Affairs at Bechtel and the President of the Board of Directors of the Council, Stuart Jones, commended the dynamic work of Djuric and Hill in promoting common interests, adding that his company is extremely pleased with its operations in Serbia and cooperation with the Serbian government.

The event was also attended by the Deputy US Trade Representative, Silvia Savic, officials from the State Department and the US Department of Commerce, as well as representatives of numerous American companies.

"The American-Serbian Business Council (ASBC) represents an innovative platform for more intensive dialogue between American institutions and businesses with Serbian officials and the business sector. Through this Council as a new form of cooperation, efforts will be made to more effectively promote Serbia as a business and investment destination, expand the volume of trade between Serbia and the US, and exchange experiences and best practices in the field of economy and business," the statement from the Embassy of Serbia in the US reads.