Hill: US wants a better and deeper relationship with Serbia, we support it on its path to EU

Kristofer Hil
Source: Kosovo Online

United States Ambassador Christopher Hill has stated today that America wants a better and deeper relationship with Serbia, RTV reports.

"I believe that Serbia is now making good decisions and heading in the right direction. Of course, there will still be difficulties, but the US sees Serbia as a good partner to work with and to become closer to in the future," Hill said while opening the Assembly of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

As he stated, it is no secret that the US supports Serbia on its path to full membership in the European Union.

"I am not here to talk about the past and the difficulties, but I am here to say that even though our countries are separated by an ocean, we are not separated at all. The essential part of the American role here is to support Serbia in its effort to join the EU. It is crucial for Serbia and the EU to work together, meaning that Serbia should join the Union," Hill stated.

According to him, the accession process is far from easy, as there are numerous issues to be resolved.

"The US supports Serbia and assists it in going through that process to become a good full member of the EU," he said.

He added that he hopes people understand the essential concept that implies Serbia completely changing its direction and fully aligning with the West because that is the natural state of affairs and where it belongs.

Hill said that the 20th century had not been good for Serbia and the Serbian people at all and that this century had started "brutally."

The US ambassador to Serbia also emphasized that the Serbian people had gone through a lot in the past period, which had exhausted many Serbs.

"Nevertheless, Serbia has now opened a new chapter in its economic history, and the country has the right approach. Serbia needs an entrepreneurship-based economy and a community based on integration, not only within the region," Hill emphasized.

He stated that Serbia had made significant progress compared to the past and noted that it had not been easy to achieve, considering all the hardships the Serbian people had gone through.