Baraliu: No serious disagreements between Rama and Kurti, Balkan stubbornness leads nowhere

Mazljum Baraljiu
Source: Kosovo Online

Mazllum Baraliu, Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Pristina, says there is no conflict between the Prime Ministers of Albania and Kosovo, Edi Rama and Albin Kurti, but rather differing political views on certain issues, even though both belong to leftist parties.

"This is not about conflict; it is a matter of personal views and party ideologies on certain issues. Realistically, there are no radical differences between them, nor are there serious disagreements or animosities," Baraliu told Kosovo Online, commenting on Rama's visit to Pristina on Monday, during which he did not meet with Kurti.

He says that although the details are not known, from what can be seen publicly or behind the scenes, it appears that personal relations are not the best, but the institutional relations are what matter.

"State relations are at a certain good level, and relations between citizens are very good, as befitting the 21st century and democracy in this century. However, it is clear that it is time for Balkan leaders, who sometimes act grandiosely and think they represent great countries and powers, though none of the countries in the Balkans are such, to understand that they have been entrusted by the citizens to improve relations, the lives of the citizens, and economic relations, and not to be driven by Balkan stubbornness as it leads nowhere. It is necessary to get serious, not just these two but others as well, because there are occasional disagreements among certain elites within some Balkan countries, and personal relationships sometimes or for a while reflect on the state and political relations between the representatives of the two countries," Baraliu said.