Brankovic: Kurti is a pawn in the hands of the West, they will not force him to fulfill promises

Source: Kosovo Online

Diplomat and former ambassador of Serbia to the United Nations, Branko Brankovic, assesses for Kosovo Online that the Quint countries neither can nor want to force Kurti to fulfill what he promised, because, he emphasizes, major powers have never extinguished fires and crises but have always created them.

Brankovic believes that the Kosovo Prime Minister is "a puppet and a kind of pawn in the hands of the West," and that the West has long been trying to find something they could consider as justification for the bombing, "but they cannot find it."

"It is high time for both the Quint and everyone else to stop insulting our intelligence. We know very well that Kurti is not his own; he must ask for the approval of the US ambassador when he leaves or enters the office. Not to mention that he can make such decisions or others. That is something that surely isn't true, and these stories of 'they told him this, then they told him that' – that's deception," our interlocutor says.

He assesses that there is no difference in the Quint member states' stance towards Kurti.

"They have barricaded themselves so much in nonsense, respecting and following inappropriate American policies, that there is no turning back for them. If they try to improve anything, they will lose power, and they don't want that. If they were to admit now that this or that wasn't right, whether regarding Ukraine or Kosovo – and new elections are looming for everyone – they would fall instantly. And Europe is especially in an undesirable position," Brankovic believes.

He also points out that due to the situation in Ukraine, "where the West is losing," there are attempts in one way or another to remove Ukraine from the headlines.

"These major powers, they never extinguish fires and crises, they always create them. Whenever they need there to be a crisis somewhere to divert public attention from something they don't like, they do it," Brankovic notes.

Regarding "pushing Kosovo into the Council of Europe," he sees "desperation" on all sides. He also recalls, as he says, Dora Bakoyannis' astonishing assessment that there is a functional democracy in Kosovo and adds that "there can be no greater hypocrisy than that."

Furthermore, out of the three conditions previously mentioned by Bakoyannis for membership in the Council of Europe, only one has been met – returning the land to the Decani Monastery.

"I ask a serious question: If you are so generous, why not admit Serbia to the EU, and then say 'fulfill this and that'? No, instead they first demand that we fulfill," this diplomat remarks.

Brankovic adds that everything happening around Kosovo now and "this disgrace and shame" in the UN General Assembly regarding Srebrenica will remain recorded in the history of diplomacy as to how and in what way UN member states and other forums should not, cannot, and should not behave.