Gudzic: The UN Security Council session will not provide an epilogue; Kosovo remains a champion in not fulfilling the obligations

Source: Kosovo Online

Analyst Aleksandar Gudzic says that the UNMIK report on Kosovo presented at yesterday's session of the United Nations Security Council should have been more critical and that Kosovo wanted to use that opportunity to "stir emotions" among international actors. However, he believes that the UN Security Council session will not provide an epilogue and that Pristina will continue to be a "champion in avoiding fulfilling its obligations."

"The UNMIK report presented yesterday at the United Nations was in a milder version. United Nations representatives were informed about the problems that Serbs in Kosovo have been facing for decades. As for the statements of the representatives of Serbia and Kosovo, President Aleksandar Vucic and President Vjosa Osmani, their positions were mostly the same. The representatives' speeches were filled with mutual accusations. Kosovo wanted to use yesterday's session to evoke emotions among representatives of the international community, they brought women who are victims of rape. If you ask me, that was unnecessary. Are there women in Kosovo who were victims of sexual violence during the 1990s war, is that condemnable – yes. Do we need to work on ensuring that those who committed those crimes are punished, whether they were on the Serbian or Albanian side – yes," Gudzic stated.

According to him, yesterday's UN Security Council session will not provide an epilogue, and Pristina will continue to be not a champion of democracy, as Osmani said, but a champion in avoiding fulfilling its obligations.

"Over the years, Pristina has perfected the policy of not fulfilling its commitments. How many years have we been waiting for the CSM, for some existential problems of Serbs to be resolved? It's not happening. On the contrary, Pristina takes unilateral actions that question the economic existence of Serbs and undermines perfectly prescribed laws that exist, and I think this will continue in the future. We are waiting for the next step from institutions in Pristina," Gudzic added.

He believes that during his speech at the United Nations, Vucic managed to complement the UNMIK report and present the real problems of Serbs. He emphasizes that international diplomats are informed about the problems of Serbs in Kosovo, but that this will not lead to an improvement in their situation.

"The representative of Russia in the UN Security Council listed all the problems that Serbs in Kosovo were facing, and I believe that international diplomats are informed about these problems. Will this lead to an improvement in the position of Serbs? I don't believe so because, as I said, political elites in Kosovo have proven to be champions in not fulfilling their obligations. Only in Kosovo do you have perfectly prescribed European laws that are not applied in practice," Gudzic concluded.