Clinical Hospital Center Kosovska Mitrovica: More than 50 injured citizens; one wounded Serb in critical condition

Source: Kosovo Online

Doctor Zlatan Elek, director of the Clinical Hospital Center in Kosovska Mitrovica, told Novosti that more than 50 citizens had come to this health facility with injuries from shock bombs, rubber bullets, and live ammunition, after the Serbs gathered in Zvecan were attacked by members of KFOR and the Kosovo Police.

One man is currently in the operating room and doctors are fighting for his life.

According to our information, he has a gunshot wound in the pelvis.

One person who was seriously injured is currently undergoing diagnostics.

And, among the injured is Dr. Dragisa Milovic, the president of the Zvecan municipality, who was hit in the chest area, but it is not known how.