Drecun: Kurti will intensify terror against Serbs

Milovan Drecun
Source: Kosovo Online

Milovan Drecun, President of the Parliamentary Committee for Kosovo and Metohija, says that the recent events in northern Kosovo and Metohija, which resulted in many lives lost, are the outcome of the horrifying terror being carried out by Kurti's regime.

He believes that Kurti will not only continue but also intensify the terror, which is already evident under the pretext of conducting investigations.

Extremist Albanians, motivated by Kurti's policy toward Serbs, are further emboldened to attack the Serbian population, Drecun pointed out.

Drecun emphasizes that Kurti is now using this situation to achieve his goals.

"They immediately launched a systematic campaign domestically to portray it as a terrorist group, to link it to Belgrade, and simultaneously prepare an attack on the Serb List," Drecun said for RTS.

This means, according to Drecun, that there will be demands in the coming period to ban the activities of the Serb List, to prevent its participation in any future elections, in order to eliminate the factor of Serbian unity and connection with Belgrade from the political scene in Pristina.