Family of the killed policeman to Kurti: Engage in dialogue, but don't use the police in the north

Specijalci u Severnoj Mitrovici
Source: Kosovo Online

A close relative of the killed policeman Afrim Bunjaku, Artan Bunjaku, told Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti to engage in dialogue with Belgrade and not to use the Kosovo Police in the north.

"I call on the Prime Minister of Kosovo to join the negotiations, to refrain from using the police in the north, and to prevent further loss of life," Artan Bunjaku said, Ekonomia Online reports.

He said that the family was shocked by the news of Afrim's death.

"I am a policeman myself and I know the situation in the north very well. I am asking that such cases do not happen again and that the policemen do not lose their lives," Artan Bunjaku appealed.

Police officer Afrim Bunjaku was killed early this morning in the village of Banjska, where there was an armed clash between the police and unknown assailants.