Kosovo special forces beat Serbian children; Kids in a state of shock

Boban Mitrović
Source: Kosovo online

Tonight, the Kosovo police intercepted and harassed two minor children, a brother and a sister aged 15 and 17, while they were riding a "quad" motorcycle in the area of the village of Rudine, near Zvecani.

Special forces of the Kosovo police stopped them and knocked them to the ground without any warning.

Children, R.D born in 2005 and R.K born in 2007, were transferred to Clinical Health Center Kosovska Mitrovica.

Child surgeon Dr. Boban Mitrovic said that the children were in a state of great psychological distress, but they were stable and their lives were not endangered.

"According to them, they came forward because of injuries sustained by the Kosovo police. Today they were riding a motorcycle, i.e. a quad, in the vicinity of the village of Rudine and according to them, they were brutally beaten. The boy received several blows in the head area and a kick in the in the groin area, while the sister, who was the passenger, was brutally taken off the motorcycle and dragged on the ground, during which she suffered contusion injuries on her right shoulder," Mitrovic said.

He adds that diagnostics and examinations are ongoing.