Krasniqi: There has never been greater corruption in Kosovo

Memli Krasnići
Source: Reporteri

President of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), Memli Krasniqi, stated that there had never been greater corruption in Kosovo than the current one in Kurti's government, as reported by Klan Kosova.

"If there has ever been corruption in Kosovo, it has penetrated the core of every institution and every level of government, but it has a certain pyramid structure. It is directly linked to the government and Prime Minister Kurti," Krasniqi said.

He added that the biggest corruption was in the energy sector, and the "main character" was Kosovo's ambassador to Croatia, Martin Berishaj.

"At the center of the story is Kosovo's ambassador to Croatia, a friend of Albin Kurti, Martin Berishaj. The crime and corruption committed in the energy sector by this government were of such proportions that we have never seen them even in the region. Martin Berishaj is the focal point, the center of the biggest corruptive and financial scandal in the region, with its base in Slovenia and Serbia," Krasniqi stated.

Regarding the incident that occurred during the Kosovo Assembly session on July 13, he said that it was the first time that the government had intervened in an organized manner against the members of parliament. 

"Even in the darkest days of Kosovo's parliamentarism, when the Self-Determination Movement violently disrupted the work of parliamentary representatives, threw tear gas, and attacked ministers with bottles and eggs, government ministers never reacted," Krasniqi said.

According to him, PDK does not accept AAK's proposal to overthrow the government because they are aware that they do not have enough members of parliament in the Assembly.