Krtinic: Neither Uglanin nor anyone else received us; they said to contact the relevant ministry

Sanja Krtinić
Source: Kosovo Online

Sanja Krtinic, who was among the citizens attempting to submit a petition for the removal of the mayors, says that they were not received at the Municipality of North Mitrovica, including Assembly President Nexhat Uglanin, as well as that they were informed that the institution was not competent for their request and that they should address the relevant ministry.

"As representatives of the citizens, we went to the Municipality to submit a request for the removal of the mayor of North Mitrovica. When we arrived at the Municipality's building, they stopped us at the reception and asked us what we were doing there. When we explained that we wanted to submit a request, they took it and went upstairs to check if that request was for the Municipality in North Mitrovica. They returned and told us that they could not accept the request because it was not within their competence, and they wanted to send us away. We referred to the Law on Local Self-Government, to all other laws, and administrative instructions and protocols stating that it was within the municipality's competence", Krtinic said to Kosovo Online.

She adds that they demanded the municipal service responsible for it to accept the request.

"In several instances, they returned our request, and in the end, they directed us to the relevant ministry, i.e., at the central level. I would like to refute Mr. Uglanin. We made every effort to have our request accepted at the local level by the competent authorities; the papers we submitted were returned to us, and Uglanin did not appear. We insisted on being received by the competent authorities to adopt our request. We did ask for a meeting, but it did not happen, and they only gave us an explanation that we should contact the relevant ministry", Krtinic explained.