The Macedonian diaspora demands that Kurti be declared persona non grata in North Macedonia

Aljbin Kurti u Severnoj Makedoniji
Source: Telefrafi

The organization "United Macedonian Diaspora" called yesterday's visit of Prime Minister Albin Kurti to North Macedonia and his activities organized in cooperation with the Albanian opposition in that country a "cultural coup" and asked the Government in Skopje to declare Kurti persona non grata, Reporteri reports.

According to the Macedonian diaspora, Kurti and the Albanian opposition announced on Friday "the victory of the Albanians in all areas of the former Yugoslavia."

"The victory was announced by the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, who in the middle of Skopje changed the name of the street "Second Macedonian brigade" to "Adem Demaci". By removing the name of the brigade that liberated and operated on almost all fronts in the central and eastern region of Macedonia, as well as on the Srem Front, Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia, the Albanian ballistas achieved a cultural victory in the center of Macedonia, in Skopje. The United Macedonian Diaspora condemns this act as a threat to the culture, and the nation and a coup d'état in which a foreign Prime Minister declares victory in the absence of the Macedonian political leader (host)," the Diaspora's reaction states.

The United Macedonian Diaspora asks the Government to declare Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti an undesirable person in the Republic of North Macedonia.

"We ask the Government of North Macedonia to write a letter of protest to Kosovo, to declare Albin Kurti persona non grata, to talk openly and seriously with the Albanian bloc about this totally non-governmental act, returning all reference points and street names in accordance with the Constitution and laws," it is said in their reaction.