Djuric before the Serbian Diaspora Conference in the USA: We are grateful that Serbs do not forget their homeland

Marko Đurić
Source: Print Screen/RTS

Before the start of the Conference of the Serbian Diaspora in the United States of America entitled "Strengthening the Ties", Serbian Ambassador to Washington Marko Djuric held a reception for guests who came from various parts of America, RTS reports.

Djuric said that a historic gathering of Serbs from America was taking place.

"I am very excited because hundreds of our people from all parts of the United States have come to Washington. We will have a historic gathering of Serbs from all over America. We are giving a new impetus to Serbian organizing in America, and we are building bridges of cooperation in the fields of economy and culture," Djuric pointed out.

He notes that we should take advantage of the fact that more than a million people of our origin live in America, and who participated in the building of this country.

"We are grateful that Serb Americans do not forget their homeland," Djuric said.

Among the special guests is the Director of the Directorate for Cooperation with the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Arnaud Gouillon, who traveled from Belgrade specifically for this occasion.

"This is a great idea of our Ambassador Marko Djuric. It is the largest gathering of the Serbian diaspora in America in the past 20 years. This shows how necessary events like this are. I believe that we will see the fruits of that work in the next few months," Gouillon says.

The audience in Washington also had the opportunity to see two Serbian films last night – "Strahinja Banovic" and "Sladoled (Ice Cream)".