Mazreku: The change in Slovakia's position depends on the dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo

Avni Mazreku
Source: Kosovo Online

Professor of European Law Avni Mazreku says that the comment by the outgoing head of Slovakia's Liaison Office in Pristina, Rastislav Kostilnik, suggesting that relations between Slovakia and Kosovo might see positive dynamics if the situation changes, referred to a phase in which Serbia would potentially recognize Kosovo.

"Given Slovakia's earlier stance that it will not recognize Kosovo before Serbia does, this potential change in the situation mentioned by the Slovak diplomat, in my opinion, meant that if the dialogue process or the situation between Serbia and Kosovo reached a phase where Serbia recognizes Kosovo or there is de facto mutual recognition," Mazreku told Kosovo Online.

The presence of Kosovo's Prime Minister Albin Kurti at the farewell reception for Kostilnik, who is ending his term in Pristina, is seen by Mazreku as a positive step by the Kosovo Prime Minister.

"With this, Kurti promoted the confirmation that a higher level of cooperation with Slovakia should be achieved, given the situation that Slovak-Kosovo relations need to change and actually need to jump from the current situation to another level of relations," Mazreku added.