Brankovic: Slovakia will not recognize Kosovo

Branko Branković
Source: Kosovo Online

Retired diplomat Branko Brankovic says that, as far as he knows, Slovakia will not recognize Kosovo. He adds that the statement by the head of Slovakia's Liaison Office in Pristina, Rastislav Kostilnik, suggesting that relations between Slovakia and Kosovo might see positive dynamics if the situation changes, probably stems from information gathered through discussions with Miroslav Lajcak, who is also Slovak.

"They likely know more from conversations with Lajcak than we do, or they know more about what Lajcak might have discussed, agreed upon, or negotiated with those who command Kurti, regarding the so-called positive dynamics or something that would be resolved more positively," Brankovic told Kosovo Online.

Brankovic explains that Slovakia, which does not recognize Kosovo, has a Liaison Office in Pristina because it is important in politics and diplomacy to be on the ground and know what is happening.

"This does not mean they are preparing to recognize Kosovo. Therefore, it is logical, smart, politically, and diplomatically sensible to be present, so they can react in a timely manner," Brankovic said.